Thanksgiving 2014


It feels like so much time has passed since my last blog post! We're always waiting for the holidays to arrive so that we can relax and enjoy them, but it's starting to seem more like the holidays just fill up your schedule even more. I'm not complaining. I love it. But it's a whirlwind.

I made a very cognizant decision not to bring my camera with me to our three Thanksgiving celebrations. I've gotten into the habit of grabbing a few photos of something "for my blog" or for my own self, because of course I really do love taking pictures. But it's a little like the wedding guests I see who spend the whole ceremony taking photos. You can't be fully present with what's happening if you're snapping photos and studying the light.

I say this, and yet, you know there will be all sorts of Christmas photos in a month. So whatever ;)

We spent Thanksgiving with my parents at their house and we enjoyed the rare treat of hosting both sides of the family at the same place. My dad's family arrived for lunch and my mom's came for dinner. It was nice to not have to drive all over the place like we normally do.

The next day, I had brunch with the same group of girls I've been friends with since middle and high school. We've been having these holiday brunches since we could drive and it's amazing to see how our conversations have grown with us, how our life situations have changed so much in such a short amount of time. If you call ten years a short amount of time... man, it's kind of crazy!

From there, Erik and I spent the day setting up my parents' Christmas decorations with them. My dad and I are always the great, fanatical Christmas decorators, so I still help him every year so he can have as great a light display as he wants. For some reason, we always have to fight the grinches to make our Christmas dreams come true, but we do always persevere. 

After decorating, we were off to northern Virginia to spend the rest of the weekend with Erik's family. We had the perfect time there, eating, decorating, playing Taboo. And then we were home in time to watch Green Bay beat the Patriots. All in all, a perfect holiday break.

Now, I have to go light shopping because THREE of my strands from last year don't work anymore (seriously? we only moved into this house two years ago, how could this be?!). And then I have to sort through this Cyber Monday madness and see if anything's worth buying. Ah, the joys of shopping! 

How was your Thanksgiving? Did all of your Christmas lights work this year? What am I missing? This seems to always happen to me.