Thanksgiving Weekend

Erik and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. It was fast and busy and by Sunday, Erik was falling asleep at 8, but it was so worth the craziness. We drove up to northern Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with Erik's family. It's always really nice to spend time with them since nobody lives in the same place and we all just enjoy spending a couple days hanging out together. That's what we did this year, too, only with a new twist. Christmas decorating! I really fell down on the job as far as photographing Thanksgiving, but I got plenty of Christmas decorating photos :)

2013-12-02_0001 2013-12-02_0002 2013-12-02_0003 2013-12-02_0004 2013-12-02_0005 2013-12-02_0006 2013-12-02_0007 2013-12-02_0008

After a couple days with the Heidenthal/Murray/Blackners (ha), we took Zeke home and went directly to my parents to help them do THEIR Christmas decorating. There was a lot of outside light dilemma, and it was really cold out there. Basically, I'm making excuses for how few pictures I took of this extravaganza. 2013-12-02_00102013-12-02_0009

After decorating, we had a hibachi+sushi dinner and went to finally see The Hunger Games, yay! I keep wondering if I should do a Hunger Games feature on the Storytime Series, but pretty much everyone has read them by now, so I don't know. Also, it goes without saying, but Catching Fire was spectacular, as expected.

So yesterday! We were a little tired. But we'd spend the past two days decorating other people's houses so we HAD to do ours. I would share a lovely photo on the finished product, but one of the strings of lights on the roof has a dead spot and I was really sad about it because Erik (who was on light duty) didn't notice until after he'd put them all up. So there is a dark hole of Christmas lightlessness that I am ashamed of. Don't worry though, our Christmas lights will get their own special post once the new lights come in (hurry, lights! This is why you don't use strange Christmas lights that can't be found in stores).

I can't wait to share lots of Christmasy things. This is my favorite time of the year and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that. Make sure you check out my Cyber Monday portrait sale over here. Today is the last day to take advantage!