The Bad Date

Team Power Awesome

If you missed part one of the Team Power Awesome saga (aka me and Erik's story), you can read it here.

It took a while, but I did finally agree to that first date.

Now, it wasn't as simple or as cold as it sounds. There were complications. Those mutual friends of ours, whose parties we were seeing each other at, weren't enthusiastic about this idea. They told me all the reasons I didn't want to date Erik under the pretense of protecting me, but I slowly realized it was more out of jealousy. Let's just say that Erik was popular with this group of girls...

But there was one in particular who I was actually very good friends with and I wouldn't think about dating Erik unless she was okay with it. It's when she gave the green light that I finally agreed.

So the night came.

Erik picked me up in his little red Cavalier and told me we were going to a really great movie called Hot Fuzz. I knew nothing about it, but happily agreed. We stood in line to buy our tickets and I let him buy them even though I liked to swoop in and buy things on dates sometimes just to see how the guy would react. It's fun. But I don't think I did that on our first date. 

The movie was... not my taste. I'm a very snobby movie goer. I've embraced this about myself. I read too many amazing books and see too many movies that do things right to appreciate the ones who follow formulas and are clearly just money makers, not interesting storytelling. But anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of Hot Fuzz, and Erik could tell. Every time he laughed hysterically he'd look at me not laughing (because, hi, I'm not going to pretend and thus set a precedent for bad movie going!) and then he'd stop laughing because he was worried that I was having a terrible time. And Erik's not SUBTLE. It was obvious that he was gauging my reactions the whole movie which made me more self-conscious of my face. Sorry but it's weird to be watched watching a movie haha. Especially one you don't enjoy. It was pretty awful. 

We got out of the movie and he apologized profusely. I really didn't care. I wasn't going to judge him (much) based on his movie preferences. He suggested ice cream to redeem the night. And that is always the right decision.

I remember him talking a lot. I remember eating my Coldstone ice cream, listening to his chatter, and feeling a new nervousness in him that I hadn't felt from him before. I could tell he really cared what I thought, which was sweet. I could also tell he was trying to impress me, which made me wonder who he was under the show. I remember mentioning how I can never remember even the smallest numbers, but can quote dialogue between people. Erik told me how he could remember any number no matter how long. And he could. I tested him all night. 

He offered to redeem his poor movie choice by watching a better movie in his dorm room (hello early college life). We'd also talked about his artistic abilities and he wanted to show off his art ;) So we went to his dorm room, looked through his art notebook (which was very impressive), and he put one of his favorite movies on.


Guys, I fall asleep best when there are distractions to keep my brain from thinking. The TV, a moving car, anything that quiets my thoughts. And for me, Predator is just the kind of thought-killing loudness that knocks me out. So, whoops I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling very weird about having fallen asleep on this date. That couldn't be good or normal. I scurried off to my own dorm as quickly as I could.

And it was another year before we would try that again.