The Balcony Photo

I've posted about it before, but it bares repeating. My friends are awesome. And when I find awesome people I tend to keep them around forever, whether they like it or not ;) Just kidding. A long, long time ago... in 2004, when I was in 11th grade and my high school marching band/colorguard, we were taking a field trip to Myrtle Beach for a parade. We were staying overnight and everyone had to have four people per hotel room. Stephanie, Kristen, and I had been friends since sixth grade, but I didn't know Nicole very well. Stephanie assured Kristen and I that she was very nice and we should room with her. Well, we did. And there was an instant connection. I'm not dramatizing this at all. Throughout the trip we kept saying how odd it was that we were all on the same page for EVERYTHING.

Worst quality photo I've ever blogged. Sorry, friends. I wish I had the hard copy with me to scan it better today.

By the end of the trip we had declared ourselves the best roommates ever. We asked a chaperone to take a photo of us on the balcony of our hotel room before we left.

And we've only grown closer over time.

Constantly making use of spring breaks and going on trips together and taking photos on balconies as often as possible.

I don't remember if we tried to stand in the same order for this picture or not, but now we try to :)

This was three years ago at a cabin in West Virginia. No balconies. Plenty of fruit and wine.

This was over two years ago, visiting Stephanie who has been living in Boston going to law school.

Last year, we weren't able to coordinate our schedules very well. It's gotten harder as our lives have all grown in different directions. With Stephanie in Boston and Nicole in Tallahassee, it takes a lot of planning to find a weekend we're all free and not spend TOO much of a fortune on travel. So last year Nicole wasn't able to join us when Kristen, Stephanie, and I met for the day in Fredericksburg.

We did, however, start a new tradition of buying a bottle of wine and saving it for the NEXT girls weekend. So Nicole got to participate in our trip together after all. But not until this past weekend.

Nicole found an affordable flight from Tallahassee and it happened to go to Charlotte, NC. So we road tripped it on down to meet her and spend the weekend in a new city. Charlotte was great. People were so nice even though they all seemed think we were sixteen years old. And we just had an amazing time talking until 3am, hunting for an Irish husband for Kristen, and lounging by the hotel pool with plastic cups of girls weekend wine.

Then we asked another nice hotel guest if he would take a photo of us on the balcony by the pool. We told him we had been taking this same photo together for ten years now and he said "oh since you were this high!" holding his hand out like we'd been three feet tall ten years ago. Um, yes, we look like babies. Got it.

Next time, maybe we won't use my professional camera. I think he was a little excited/overwhelmed, so the picture was not perfection. But at the same time, of course it was.

Until the next balcony photo!