The Blizzard

Well January 2016 is going to go down as Tiffany's worst blogging month ever. It's been a weird month, that's for sure. I've been plugging away at some home projects I've had on the back burner for years that now I have decided MUST BE DONE before baby Willow arrives. I've been working on DE-stressing myself and the only way I cope with that is with tons of research and preparation haha, so I've been doing a ton of that too. 

But about this time last week, I got hit with an INTENSE cold of some sort. I keep telling everyone "it's just a cold," but I don't feel like that truly represents how debilitating this sucker was. Maybe it wasn't a cold. It wasn't the flu (I've experienced that one... thank you, first year of teaching!) but it was pretty awful. And it happened to be fortuitously timed with the great blizzard of 2016! 

You all know I love snow. Like, adore it. I used a snow picture in my previous blog post just for funsies. So being bed-ridden during the snow of the decade was a little depressing. I realize you're not supposed to gallop around through blizzards while 23 weeks pregnant ANYWAY, but for some reason, that thought didn't make me feel much better! I just turned on all the porch lights and watched the snow, enjoying it from afar, wistfully wishing Lily and I could grab my camera and take adorable snow pictures together (all these snowy pictures are from last year, so don't be deceived by the small snow amount... we got a TON). I took Lily onto the porch for some romp arounds, which she LOVED. You can see an adorable video of my happy little snow pup if you head to my Facebook page. It's worth the journey. I'm glad she enjoys the snow just like me :) and I'm also glad that this year we're not trying to potty train her during the snow... makes life a lot easier!

So when the blizzard struck on Friday, I was on day 3 of feeling horrible, and unfortunately Erik was starting day 1. We spent the next few days laying in bed, laying on the couches, microwaving soup, and just all around being pathetic together haha. It was sad, but also kind of nice to spend all that time together bonding over our misery ("do you feel like you're underwater when you take a deep breath?" "YES PLEASE HAND ME A COUGH DROP and take your vitamin C!!!"). Luckily we Amazon Prime NOW'd right before the storm came and had the essentials to make life easier as we recuperated. 

I'm amazed it's Tuesday right now. I've been trapped by illness or snow in my house for over a week. MLK day was my last venture into the outside world. I'm feeling much better now. Certainly not 100%, but I'm grateful for mobility and a clear nose! Lily is too, because her parents have been REAL boring for the last few days. I think if anyone has cabin fever, it's her. Puppies gotta play! 

As I type this, some incredibly sweet neighbor kids are shoveling our driveway for us, so hopefully we'll be able to venture into the world again in the next 24 hours or so. We have painters coming to the house tomorrow for previously stated home projects that I'm not able to DIY, so I have to muster up the energy to do a little prep work for them. I can't wait to share that progress on the blog soon! In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy those gorgeous snow views! :)