The Boathouse at Sunday Park Wedding

Alaina and Matt's Wedding at The Boathouse at Sunday Park

Just look at that photo above! It's my absolute favorite from the day... Alaina and Matt are just SO happy and it really represents everything I loved about this wedding. You won't find two more gracious, joyful people than Alaina and Matt. And I knew it from the second I walked in to their hotel.

I had just run, with rolling suitcase full of gear, down the street in Richmond through pouring rain and ginormous puddles of water to get to the hotel where Alaina and Matt were getting ready. I happened to run into Matt and some of his groomsmen in the lobby of the hotel. One of the first things Matt said to me after greeting me (and officially meeting me... this whole wedding was planned long distance from BOSTON) was how this incredibly rainy day was happening to the right couple. This sounds crazy, but he said he and Alaina just couldn't care less what the weather did... they were so excited to get married and the rain didn't bother them at all. Talk about BEST COUPLE EVER. 

I headed on to the bridal suite where Alaina and her bridesmaids were just as cool and calm as could be. They were joking and laughing and if anyone was stressed at all, they hid it extremely well. Also, can I just say... if you're going to reserve a hotel room for getting ready before your wedding... go big and get the penthouse suite. This getting ready room was incredible! Windows like we had light up the room so gorgeously and it was nice for everyone to have a little more space than usual.

The wedding itself was just as you would expect... I honestly feel like I know exactly how a wedding day will go after the "getting ready" portion of the day. It just completely sets the tone for the wedding. And of course, Alaina and Matt were incredibly sweet and joyous all day long. They were rewarded for their positive attitudes when the sun came out JUST in time for portraits. Rain really clears up the sky and gives you a completely unique look to your wedding pictures that I love. We were able to really capture the sunset and all the natural beauty that the Sunday Park Boathouse has to offer.

So enough gushing... enjoy this wedding, I know I did! :)