The Boathouse at Sunday Park Wedding - Midlothian, Virginia

the boathouse at sunday park wedding

Brandi and Chris' Wedding

What can I say about this wedding? It's just exactly the kind of wedding I love shooting. It's one of those weddings where I just knew THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. I had a great time hanging out with Brandi and the ladies as they got ready for the day. Then, I headed over to the guys' room and they were watching South Park. No Butters, my favorite South Park character, but that was okay. Better to not get distracted. 

Then the ceremony. The sweet looks Brandi was giving Chris melted my heart. Seriously. Brandi's maid of honor told me that this wedding was a long time coming for these two, that they had been together for as long as she'd known Brandi and engaged for eight (I have a problem with my brain that I cannot remember numbers, even small ones, so I hope this is right but I THINK it is) years! That's a long engagement for a couple still so young! It just goes to show that they've known they were supposed to be together for a long, long time.

The other thing I loved about this wedding was the location. The Boathouse at Sunday Park is one of my favorites because the ceremony is just BEAUTIFULLY lit. The sun sets exactly where I want it to, right over the water, perfectly highlighting the couple. I love an outdoor wedding, and this is a great place for them. Also, it's five minutes from where I live. That may also have something to do with my favoritism ;)

Congratulations on a meant to be, perfect wedding, Brandi and Chris! Your day was wonderfully relaxed and fun, aka my favorite kind of wedding. And most importantly, you both seemed just so happy and I am beyond happy for you.

Special thanks to my incredible second shooter, Emily Meyer! 

The INCREDIBLE vendors who made this wedding happen:

Venue | The Boathouse at Sunday Park
Wedding Coordinator | Susan Birkenheier
Florist | Flowers Make Scents
DJ | Maria from Direct Entertainment
Officiant | Susan Blanchard
Cake Artist | Baker's Kitchen
Hair Artist | Jessica from Bombshell Salon
Bride and Bridesmaids Dress Maker | David's Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen Tux Maker | Men's Wearhouse