The Boy With The Shoes

2013-11-14_0027 When Erik and I first started dating, one of the things that I really liked about him was how much he cared about his family. I met his mom at a JMU game, tailgating in the parking lot, and Erik told me how yeah he just hung out with his mom sometimes because she was pretty cool. His grandparents came to visit one weekend and he told me how he looked forward to spending a week with them every summer growing up, teaching his Grandma how to play Pokemon and Magic cards, as every little boy should. His sister would join us for lunch regularly, so I got to see their relationship firsthand and it was about as cliche big brother, little sister relationship as you could imagine. Let's just say that there are boys in this world who regret ever messing with Katlyn...

But Chris! Chris is the little brother/best friend who Erik talked about the most. I heard a lot of stories about their childhood, but the one that always stuck out to me was when Erik and his dad got into a big fight and his dad told him to leave the house. Not permanently, obviously, but he made him leave right then and there with no shoes. So Erik trudged off into the woods, where he went when he was upset, barefoot and cold. And it was Chris who snuck out of the house to bring Erik his shoes. I hope he brought him a jacket, too, but I don't remember if that was part of the story or not. But that's always been this sweet picture in my head of their relationship, in spite of the horror stories where they temporarily didn't like each other so much.

The point is... Chris is the little boy with the shoes! (Title of my next novel. Changing blog post title now!) I know he would do anything for us and we would do anything for him. And that extends to his extra awesome girlfriend, Kat. Poor Kat. We met her when we were moving into our new house and Chris brought her along to help us move. Welcome to the family, Kat! :) But seriously, I don't easily connect with people. I get along with people! That's different. I'm great at putting on a friendly face. But you know how with some friends you are so comfortable that silence is okay? To me, comfortable silence says a lot. It was one of my first indicators that I felt at home with Erik. We drove two hours to see each other every weekend and it often wound up that he was playing computer games while I read a novel, both of us completely happy, silent, but needing the proximity more than anything. That is how I feel with Kat... and Chris, too I guess ;-) Really though, there's no pressure to impress or entertain. It feels perfectly right when they're living in our house with us. This is just another reason why they need to move to Richmond, which is their plan, but I'm just impatient and excited. My secret plot to pull everyone I care about to Richmond is slowly working...

So anyway! Why the long ramble about Erik's family? This past weekend, Chris and Kat came to stay with us. It's been a LONG time since they've done so. It was just hard to coordinate schedules with their busy post-grad jobs and the fact that every time I shoot a wedding it's been on Saturday. Go figure huh? But at long last they came and joy was had by all. I won't bore you with the details, but here's a quick synopsis of our weekend:

Urban Farmhouse, neighborhood walk, trespassing in new construction homes, puppy visit, Thor, CineBistro, Stony Point, nerd talk, girl talk, book trading, Princess Diary?, laziness, homemade chili, homemade CIDER, Dungeons and Dragons WHAT!??, cards, more hanging around, Zeke, duh, and PHOTO SHOOT.

It took some teeth pulling, especially for a certain redheaded husband who this photographer has been cursed with (only in that he hates pictures... BUT STILL WHAT THE HECK). But Kat and I realized it was craziness that after all their visits, we had no pictures. So here's what twenty minutes in an empty lot down the street yields.

 2013-11-14_0001 2013-11-14_0002I love that when I post family pictures I can post the funny ones, too :)

2013-11-14_0003 2013-11-14_0004Aren't they adorable?

2013-11-14_0005 2013-11-14_0006 2013-11-14_0007 2013-11-14_0008 2013-11-14_0009 2013-11-14_0010 2013-11-14_0011Boys will play.

2013-11-14_0012 2013-11-14_0013 2013-11-14_0014 2013-11-14_0015Erik really just wanted to grass fight Chris all day.

2013-11-14_0016 2013-11-14_0017 2013-11-14_0018Hey we got one! 2013-11-14_0019Do I have to take more pictures? Yes. The answer is always yes.

2013-11-14_0020 2013-11-14_0021 2013-11-14_0025So sad.

2013-11-14_0022 2013-11-14_0023This is so stupid but I love you. (I like to interpret his faces for the world)