The Christmas Hangover

This is probably the worst Monday of the year right? We have like every Monday of 2015 ahead of us and we just finished our holiday vacations, thus a long winter stands between us and any future vacations. Monday or no, it's nice to be back to my blog. I don't know if I've ever gone two full weeks without blogging before. It was nice and I'm glad I took a break, but it was definitely strange! It made this entire holiday vacation feel like one incredibly long weekend. Which is what a break should feel like! 

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday. We DEFINITELY did. We saw all the tackiest Christmas lights in Richmond, ate copious amounts of Christmas cookies that I have just surrendered to never finishing, spent lots and lots of time with family and friends that I hardly ever get to see, and even enjoyed a few lazy days at home. All in all, a winning combination of fun and rest. 

Ignore the horrible exposure in this photo. I told you I was on vacation, all right? ;)

Here's a list of everything I was thankful for this holiday:

1. Christmas cookie parties with my Richmond photographer friends and then with my best friends from high school and college. 
2. Tacky light tours and a portable hot chocolate bar with my whooooole family (let's be clear... we filled up an entire charter bus).
3. A yummy, cozy Christmas Eve with my parents and brothers.
4. Spending our first Christmas day (how did it take this long?) with Erik's family, hanging out with my new sisters, and teaching his grandparents how to use their new tablets and smartphones :)
5. Planning our trip to EUROPE this Spring!
6. Taking Erik's new bow out for archery fun... and Starbucks!
7. Chipotle Sundays and general hanging out and video gaming with husband.
8. Our annual New Year's Eve party and the pictionary fun that ensued.
9. Chris and Kat time, which is always the best time.
10. My Christmas gift from Erik, which is a PUPPY. Trust me, if I had photos I'd share but I'm on the hunt! :)

I tried my hardest to disconnect from all things business during the past two weeks. That's actually really difficult when you work from home and your business is so tied into your personal life (hello, blog). I realized how many things I habitually do "for business" that take up a ton of time and accomplish very little.

For instance, Facebook groups. I just counted and I'm in over 30 Facebook groups that are either business or photography related. That's a TON. My friends will ask me sometimes if I saw ____ on Facebook and usually I say no because my Facebook is completely swamped with posts like "what print lab is best" and "help me edit this photo." Now, I'm thankful to be in groups like these. I've learned a lot from them and it's nice to have a network of people to consult and get advice from. But I don't need SO MUCH of it. And I don't need to spend so much time reading them.

All this to say, I tried to disconnect these past two weeks so if you tried to get in touch with me and didn't, I apologize for not being more clear about my absence. I responded to most emails, but I didn't even check my business voicemail or Facebook until today. I'll be spending the rest of the day trying to catch up on those things. Look for some "new year" posts for the rest of the week! I have lots to share! :)