The Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding

Audra and Justin's Romantic Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding

There are some weddings where I arrive and just instantly feel the love. I don't mean the love between the couple. That's basically a given! But the love between the families and friends, the love FOR the couple. Everyone loves these two. They are THAT couple. The one that everyone adores and wants to be jealous of but they can't because Audra and Justin are just too sweet and fun for that. 

When I arrived, Audra handed me letters to photograph. Letters that Justin had left with different people or in different places for Audra to read all morning and afternoon as she prepared for their wedding. It was the sweetest thing and so indicative of the thoughtful husband that Justin will be. 

This was also my first time photographing a wedding at the Historic Mankin Mansion. I've heard how lovely it is from other photographers and wedding industry professionals so I was thrilled to finally work there. It lived up to every expectation! All the brick and beautiful landscaping makes it feel very historic Richmond-y, but also just perfectly suited for a wedding. I love weddings where the getting ready areas, the ceremony, and the reception are all at one place! I can't even explain how much less stressful it is for the couple, the guests, and me too! There's nothing like racing through city traffic to make sure you arrive at the reception before the couple does ;)

Also, can I just say that this reception was just amazingly fun? My second shooter, the lovely and talented Andrea Pesce, and I had a blast just photographing it. When everyone else is having so much fun, it rubs off! You can't help but get swept up in the spirit of it.

Without further ado, here are a few highlights from the wedding. Make sure you leave Audra and Justin some love in the comments!