The Midnight Mommy

She lays in bed, wrapped in blankets and
the quiet of deep night. 
Tired, but awake, because her little one hasn't called yet.
And she knows it will be soon.
So she waits while her husband sleeps beside her,
until she hears the cry.
And even then,
she waits.
Because maybe tonight is the night that this little one decides,
"I'm okay and sleep sounds nice."
But it is not that night, and so
she goes to her.
And goes to her.
And goes to her.
And goes to her.
Because little one is teething, 
little one is scared,
little one needs her,
this midnight mommy.
The one who holds her when she's sad,
and closes her eyes while she rocks back and forth,
worn out, but relishing this time when
her mere presence fixes it all.
She wonders who this little one will be.
She wonders how long midnight mommy will be needed.
She wonders if she'll miss this late night calling.
She has all these thoughts and more,
holding tight to her chest,
this warm, little person, 
who clutches mommy's finger tight with her whole hand,
as she drifts into dream.
And finally, hours later, 
for the last time tonight,
the midnight mommy
closes the door,
closes the rush of thoughts,
and closes her eyes at last.

Hopefully this little post does something to explain the lack of posts lately haha thanks for reading and prepare yourselves for some sweet family portraits coming soon!