The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education Wedding

Ashley and Brian's Wedding

the montpelier center for arts and education weddingThis was a special wedding for me to shoot. Brian is my cousin (you can see us, little and adorable here) and he has been bringing Ashley to family events for YEARS. I was thrilled because the gender distribution has always been incredibly lopsided as far as my cousins go, and it was nice to have another girl at the table to talk to! Not only that, but she happens to be an incredibly sweet girl. I remember chatting with her at one holiday about what she wanted to get her degree in and her listening to me with genuine interest and I could so easily see the compassion that Brian had clearly seen in her. And Brian, well, he's always been the life of the party. Everyone will tell you that he sings more than he talks and he talks a lot, too ;) But he's also just a great, funny, honest guy. They make a fantastic couple and while I'd already thought that at family events, I REALLY realized that when I shot their engagement session last summer and got to see them alone together and really listen to them talk.

Their wedding was just as open and heartfelt as their engagement session. Their friends were literally fighting to get to the microphone to toast this couple whom they all loved so much. Everyone could feel the strong bonds between Ashley, Brian, and their wedding party. It was an awesome thing to witness.

Ashley and Brian are currently on their thirty day cross-country honeymoon adventure (how ridiculously cool is that?!), but congratulations to you both! I'm so happy you found each other, and also that there is another married couple to hang out with at the grown up-ish kids' table on holidays ;)

the montpelier center for arts and education wedding the montpelier center for arts and education wedding 2014-06-04_0005 2014-06-04_00062014-06-04_0019That's my mommy making Ashley's hair look beautiful :)

2014-06-04_0007 2014-06-04_0008 2014-06-04_0009Ashley seriously had a gift for everyone at this wedding. From the bridesmaids, to the parents, to grandparents, and of course Brian :)

purple and gold flowers 2014-06-04_0011 2014-06-04_0012 2014-06-04_0013 2014-06-04_0014 2014-06-04_0015 groomsmen in sunglasses 2014-06-04_0017 2014-06-04_0018 2014-06-04_0020 2014-06-04_0021 2014-06-04_0022Time to snag some bridal portraits of Ashley! So pretty.

2014-06-04_0023 2014-06-04_0024 2014-06-04_0025 2014-06-04_0026 2014-06-04_0027 2014-06-04_0028 2014-06-04_0029 2014-06-04_0030 2014-06-04_0031 2014-06-04_0032 2014-06-04_0033 2014-06-04_0034 2014-06-04_0035 2014-06-04_0036 2014-06-04_0037 2014-06-04_0038 2014-06-04_0039 2014-06-04_0040 2014-06-04_0041Married!!!!

2014-06-04_0042 2014-06-04_0043 2014-06-04_0044 2014-06-04_0048Brian's sisters adore him. And it's cute.

2014-06-04_0045Ashley's "man of honor" because who needs a maid of honor when your brother is your best friend! A-dorable.

2014-06-04_00462014-06-04_00472014-06-04_0049Brian sang a song for Ashley and made everyone at the reception cry.

2014-06-04_0050And cheer when he hit the high notes ;)

2014-06-04_0051 2014-06-04_0052 2014-06-04_0053 2014-06-04_0054 2014-06-04_0055 2014-06-04_0056 2014-06-04_0057 2014-06-04_0058That's my aunt Tina. She's tiny and adorable :)

2014-06-04_0059 2014-06-04_0060 2014-06-04_0061SUCH delicious cupcakes. Ohmygod I want another.

2014-06-04_0062 2014-06-04_0063 2014-06-04_0064 2014-06-04_0065Ashley and Brian asked for suggestions of places they should see on their 30 day (they left a day early, it IS 30 days) honeymoon adventure. And they plotted their course on a map for everyone to see.

2014-06-04_0066 2014-06-04_0067 2014-06-04_0068Party time!

2014-06-04_0069 2014-06-04_0070 2014-06-04_0071 2014-06-04_0072 2014-06-04_0073 2014-06-04_0074 2014-06-04_0075 2014-06-04_0076 2014-06-04_0077 2014-06-04_0078 2014-06-04_0080 2014-06-04_0081 2014-06-04_0082 2014-06-04_0083 2014-06-04_0084 2014-06-04_0085 2014-06-04_0086 2014-06-04_0087 2014-06-04_0088Oh, Brian haha <3

2014-06-04_0089 2014-06-04_0090 2014-06-04_0091 2014-06-04_0092 2014-06-04_0093 2014-06-04_0094 Huge to thanks to all the incredible team of vendors involved in this event!

Venue | The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education Coordination | Little Blue Box Events Catering | Edwards Catering Floral | FiftyFlowers arranged by Paula Hertel  DJ | Austin Prime Moore  Guitarist | Nicholas Coward Officiant | B. Meredith Winn, Jr. Bridesmaids| David's Bridal Groomsmen | Men's Wearhouse Cake Artist | Sinful Treats Hair Artist | Robin Martin