"The Next Chapter" Senior Models

Senior Portraits in Richmond, VA

These kids. Just look at them! They're absolutely perfect. I've been dying to share these images, but I really wanted to take my time in introducing each of these girls and guys as the individuals they are before I rolled out the whole group photo shoot. 

The Next Chapter is my team of senior models. They're going to be representing Tiffany Heidenthal Photography throughout their whole senior year of high school because they are just that awesome. Every member gets senior portrait perks, access to VIP events (like this photo shoot you're about to see), and referral bonuses from every friend they send my way. It's the perfect way for me to grow my senior photography business while at the same time rewarding and loving on the seniors who I have now!

I've talked about how much I love senior pictures before, but let me just reiterate... they are one of my favorite things to shoot. It's a close match with weddings and I really don't know if I could pick a favorite between the two. I just know that they're my two loves. 

Without further ado, let's meet the class of 2016 senior model team!

Jordyn is a student at Lee Davis High School in Hanover, VA. She's sweetness personified and her interests include SOCCER, the special olympics, and the class council. Oh, and she happens to be pretty frekin gorgeous too. Talk about easy to photograph!

Liv is from Battlefield High School in Gainesville, VA. Yes, she traveled far and wide to be a part of this photo shoot and I'm so grateful she did! I mean, look at that fabulous model stare! ;)

Liam attends Hanover High School in Hanover, VA. He's one of those guys who you can tell doesn't realize how handsome he is and is kind of amazed you're taking his photo at all haha. He was an excellent sport at the shoot because I know hanging out with all us girls for hours of hair and make up prep was probably not his choice of favorite activities, but he was a total trooper.

Bethannie is attending Grove Christian School this year, but was a student at Godwin High School last year. She seems wise beyond on her years. There's something about the way she talks that tells you what an intelligent, compassionate person she is and I just loved getting to know her at this shoot! 

This is Ashley. She attends Hanover High School in Hanover, VA (I know, I had an influx of Hanover seniors and I don't know how it happened but I'm grateful!). Ashley reminds me of myself because she's kind of quiet in person and a total bookworm. When I read her application to join my team her words completely gripped me and I knew I had to have her! Something about the line, "Do I want the chance to meet other awesome seniors, the opportunity to check out exclusive events, and promote a company that I have a company-crush on? Yes please!" ;) She's also crazy involved with her school with band, debate, newspaper, and other activities!

And who is this handsome string bean? Just my little brother Cade. He's homeschooled, repping for the Chesterfield seniors. Honestly, when I found out Liam was going to be a Next Chapter senior I didn't want him to be the only boy in a sea of girls (you know how guys just hate when that happens!), so I asked Cade if he would be a part of our group photo shoot and being the awesome brother that he is, he said yes. Cade's a model UN star, a swimmer, and the most knowledgeable history buff I've ever met. It's also really easy to make him laugh for pictures :)

Last but certainly not least is McKenna. She's a student at Battlefield High School in Northern Virginia, and also my little cousin! We've been talking about doing portraits together for years now and we finally had the excuse to make it happen so I'm just thankful she's a part of this experience! McKenna is a writer and interested in journalism... I'm lucky enough to have seen some of her work and it's incredible! Someone should tell her you don't have to be smart AND  pretty, right?

Then, we had a little fun as a group and I turned everyone into bookworms ;) 

If you know one of these seniors and are interested in having your own senior portraits taken, make sure you get in touch with them to get a free gift for both of you!

Special thanks to the incredible team of vendors whose talents helped bring this photo shoot together!

Coordination | Nicole McAllister from Lettier Studio
Venue | Tuckahoe Plantation
Rentals | Paisley and Jade
Hair & Makeup | Lou Stevens Glam Squad