The Ultimate Distraction

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Let's be real, guys. The blog's been sporadic for the past, oh month and a half... gee, why might that be...

Lily is the sweetest little friend. I could hold her in my lap all day long. I often do and love every second of it. But lordy she is distracting. Puppies really love playing. And I really love playing with puppies. If you don't love playing with Lily, you're a robot. Sorry to break it to you.

I really have been actively trying to prevent my Instagram and my blog from turning into the Lily show. It would be so easy to do. I am well aware that all the visitors who suddenly need to come to my house lately really just want to hang out with the Lilster (just kidding, mostly ;) haha). But sometimes you just need to give into the inevitable. So today, Lily gets a spotlight. I haven't shared photos of her on the blog since we first got her! So here she is, almost two months later at a whopping 2.2lbs. 

For the record, Lily is 1/16 maltese and the rest biewer yorkie. We got her from Windy Way Hill Puppies. Everyone always asks these things :)

Sometimes Lily chews on plants. Sometimes Lily chews on anything. But plants are especially fun because they're outside and outside rules.

And she doesn't see anything wrong with extraneous chewing.

She's also a great stick fetcher. Size of the stick is irrelevant. She will fetch it.

And that photo needs a close up. Because it's glorious.

And she will wait patiently for you to throw that stick while you take lots of pictures in the meantime.