The Vacation's Over

2014-05-02_0001 Well, the vacation is certainly over. Erik and I have spent the last four days in the Outer Banks with my parents and grandparents. We had a great time, even though Erik learned that working from "home" from the beach is not as luxurious as he anticipated and was mostly just jealous of everyone else hanging out on the beach while he pecked away at his computer inside. It was still well worth it for the beach time we did get, the hot tub time, and the seafood we got to eat.

This morning, however, not so fun. Erik wakes up before me and I usually pull myself out of bed within a half hour of him leaving in the morning. Today, he came bursting back into the bedroom saying his car was having serious issues and he couldn't drive it to work. It was sputtering and clunking and doing all sorts of horrible things cars shouldn't do. So he dropped it off at the mechanic, who immediately identified three things that were wrong with it. I won't say what because I know I'd explain it wrong, but let's just say we're not looking forward to the bill.

After two work from "home" days at the beach, Erik was feeling too guilty to work from home again so he asked to borrow my car for the day, which I was totally okay with.

Until my Google Calendar reminded me 30 mins before a photo session that I needed to leave.


I'm normally such an organized, be there on time, don't let anyone down kind of person that when I DO let someone down, I can't stand it! I've read before that this is a strong characteristic of introverted people, that even as toddlers when they realize they've disappointed someone, the guilt they feel is enormous. Well, that's me right now. Feeling terrible and guilty.

So much for feeling relaxed after our time at the beach!

My client is going to reschedule and I'm going to make sure I arrive early with "I'm sorry" treats and I'm sure it will be fine, but for now I will just pour out my agony onto my blog because I'm stranded and can do nothing about it right now. Thanks a lot, Camaro!