The Video


It's here! At long last. The secret project reveal! I've been so excited to share the details of this project and now I finally can. A couple weeks ago, I posted photos from this session with Nicole and Stephen. I forgot to mention that the lovely Miss Megan Kelsey Marcus was with us recording the whole thing for my new promotional VIDEO. 

You see, I realized something a few months ago. Shocker that it is, not every prospective client has 18720123 free hours to read my blog. While I still think reading my blog is the best way to get to know me, a video says so much that a photo just can't. Hearing someone's voice, seeing them hanging out in their home or working on the job... these things create a connection! 

Let me give you a list of thoughts that ran through my head when Megan sent me the video for the first time.

Ohmygawd this is like hearing yourself on a voicemail TIMES TEN. SO WEIRD.

Holy wow, Megan is AWESOME.

Does my hair really look like that!?

Mmm coffee...

All these years of people asking me to speak up at the end of my sentences, I finally... get it.

Oh, I have so many more books than that...

Nicole is ridiculously pretty.

My scarf is ginormous.

I don't remember saying these intelligent things. Yay for good editing.

I picked a good song. It's perfection.

This whole thing is perfection.

That's actually literally where I ended my thought process. Looking into this weird mirror of yourself can drive you a little batty as you nitpick your outfit choices (that happens to me a lot haha) and things you may have said differently. But when I stopped and saw it as a whole I thought it was just exactly what I had wanted. Megan asked what I wanted to change and I said nothing. Nothing at all. Because it's me. 

Thank you SO much for capturing me and making this whole process super easy, Megan! If any photographer needs their own promotional film or if any BRIDE needs a videographer, Megan is your girl.

Anyway. For your viewing pleasure, here it is! Let me know what you think! Unless you don't like it. In which case, get out.