There Goes the Summer

I keep thinking and saying, where did the summer go? I know it's not over, but all the back to school messages and the cooler weather we've had recently just make me say it. July was absolutely crazy for us, and this past weekend we finally had some time to just be. It was so nice. We took Willow to the park, and to her little friend Adah's first birthday party (which she absolutely loved... little social butterfly she is). Erik and I spent some time just being together. And it was just what we needed.

As I start to book the rush of Fall sessions, I'm thankful for this peace here in August. We are not the people who need to fill up our days or who can't sit still. We don't have those itches that other people sometimes do. We are perfectly happy to look at our weekend and see hardly anything on our to do list. That means Erik can play some video games and I can catch up on editing photos and video of Willow (one of my most favorite hobbies!) or whatever else comes to mind.

Recently, Willow has fully transitioned to a one nap schedule. I dreaded this day because everyone told me how much they missed the morning nap when it was gone, but so far I absolutely love it! I can give her breakfast and actually have time to take her to the park or go run some errands before we have to be back for naptime. It's also really difficult to plan your days when your baby is taking two naps that happen at APPROXIMATELY the same time every day, but never quite exactly. She was generally on a 9:30-11:30 and 2:30-4 nap schedule, but if for some reason one of those naps got thrown off, bedtime, or naps the next day would be a mess. So it was just extra variables. This past week, with a consistent bedtime, her one nap has been very consistent as well and I know that between 12:30 and 1 every day she'll nap and sleep for 2-3 hours. It's a small, wonderful thing.

This whole post is really scattered and random, but can I rant a little bit about our household issues this Spring/Summer? I can? Good. Well, it seems that five years is the limit on how long you can get away without repairing things on and in your new construction house. So if you're in a new house, take note. In the past few months we have had to fix or replace our washer/dryer, air conditioner, and our shutters. None of these things have been cheap! We thought we'd been taking pretty decent care of our house... hiring lawn people to de-weed, mulching the mulch beds, painting the mailbox, powerwashing the house, sealing the driveway, cleaning the gutters. All of these things have happened since Spring and I'm a little done! First world problems I know, but we really hate home maintenance stuff and we haven't even taken care of everything that needs to be fixed. Our deck stain is PEELING off in patches. It's bizarre. I've seen stain fade, but I don't really know how to handle peeling... 

End rant. The price of home ownership!

I'm sorry this post is so terribly dull. I promise the next one will be better and I'll throw in some cute baby pictures to make up for it! Also, I'm taking a poll, should I continue to let my hair grow out long, chop it off, change the color? I'm always up for new hair and always too indecisive to do anything drastic. Opinions are appreciated!