Third Anniversary Pictures

2014-05-23_0001My friend and photographer twin(!), Stephanie... 2014-05-23_0029Yes, serious photographer twins. And no this was not planned! We had never even met until that day. The best part was that some people (cough, James) couldn't tell us apart when we held a camera to our faces. It was fantastic.

Anyway, Stephanie held a fun little giveaway to celebrate finding out the gender of her new baby! I was one of the lucky people who guessed correctly (BOY!) and won a photo shoot for me and Erik. I was so excited! Obviously, I love pictures, but it's hard to get nice pictures of me and Erik together when I'm always the person with the camera.

Then we decided to learn how to snowboard... and we all know how that one ends. I didn't want pictures of Erik in a sling.

All this to say, by the time we finally got around to doing these photos together, Stephanie was eight months pregnant, it was springtime, and the week of our anniversary! So these became third anniversary pictures for us.

It all came together beautifully and I love the pictures. Now I just have to decide where I can squeeze another canvas onto our walls :) Thanks so much for the beautiful images, twin!

2014-05-23_0002 2014-05-23_0003 2014-05-23_0004 2014-05-23_0005 2014-05-23_0006 2014-05-23_0007 2014-05-23_0008 2014-05-23_0009 2014-05-23_0010These are my favorites :)

2014-05-23_0011 2014-05-23_0012 2014-05-23_0013 2014-05-23_0014 2014-05-23_0015 2014-05-23_0016 2014-05-23_0017 2014-05-23_0018Hahaha this face. I had to include this one because I laugh every time I see it.

2014-05-23_0019 2014-05-23_0020 2014-05-23_0021 2014-05-23_0022 2014-05-23_0023 2014-05-23_0024 2014-05-23_0025 2014-05-23_0026 2014-05-23_0027Check Stephanie out at her website!