This and That

It's been quite a week in the Heidenthal house! In all the madness, there wasn't much time for blogging so let me catch you up...

The Bad

- Lily has been sick. Like real sick. I won't go into the graphic details but let's just say our carpets will never be the same! :(
- Vet bills. Ugh. My God. They never cease to shock me.
- I made a huge batch of high quality food for Lily a week before all this and froze a ton of it to have on hand and now she hates it all. Boo. Who needed all that organic chicken anyway? haha

The Good

- Lily is feeling better now on her medicine and able to eat/drink and actually keep it in her system!
- Willow slept through the night! (once) Yay!!!
- I actually got out and did some fun things for myself this weekend!
- Our taxes are done, woo!
- Erik had President's Day off so we had a three day weekend with gorgeous weather and were able to take Willow and Lily to the park to play.

As usual, far more good than bad!

Here's a picture into my life last week... I was texting with Erik right as he had arrived at work about how sick Lily was. I called the vet to see if I should bring her in (I'd been avoiding that because they always say yes and rarely do anything to help my little puppers anyway, which you'll notice since this problem continues to plague us) and of course they said yes bring her in right away. Willow and I had two appointments already that we had to get to that morning (one being our accountant appointment which ugh, taxes!), so I'm frantically asking my mom to come watch the baby while I try to clean up Lily's messes with the vacuum that makes Willow cry because it is scary loud when Erik says "you know, I can work from home if you need help." So he zooms home from work less than an hour after arriving there to take Lily to the vet.

The next day, she wasn't much better and again, it's early morning. I'm trying to get Lily to take her medicine, coating her little pill in coconut oil, which she loves but is not tricked by. Lily is... well, let's say she's having an INCIDENT on the carpet right by the front door. I zoom over to open the door so she can at least finish her business out there. Willow, who was on the floor in the other room is coming in hot and making a beeline for Lily's latest mess, while I'm realizing my 3 lb dog is now wandering the front yard without a leash on and my hands are covered in coconut oil. 


That's when I scooped both babies up as quickly as possible, ran upstairs and dragged Erik out of bed to prevent me having a meltdown :)

So, anyway! That is life isn't it? At least the weather has been nice and I've gotten some time to myself! Saturday, my sister-in-law and I wandered antique sales and did some cider tasting in Scott's Addition, which I swear looks different every time I go there. It was a really nice afternoon. And the times when I leave Willow just to do something fun, I can count those on one hand. Even though I always feel a little on the clock when I'm away from her, it was much needed and peaceful. 

Then Sunday, Erik, baby, puppy and I went to the park and had a mostly quiet day at home. And Monday I got my hair colored! What!

I've always had blonde highlights, but I really needed something different. I think in having Willow, I've realized how easily you can let everything go except the needs of your baby (because really what else matters!?) but I don't want to be that person. I want to take time to take care of myself, to feel good about myself, to do the whole filling my own cup before I pour for someone else thing. Plus, sometimes I need excuses to push myself out of my comfort zone because changes can be so rewarding!

So that is where we are! Photography-wise I've been taking some business classes this week that are really interesting! I love learning about the other ways photographers run their businesses and tweaking the way I do mine. I tend to think so "big picture" sometimes that I have to stop myself and say "no, do that thing NOW" to make changes really happen. It's just like my hair. I eventually had to stop talking about it and do it! So, this week there is a lot of doing going on behind the scenes, and it's going to be fantastic. 

If you made it through that rambling mess, good for you! Stay tuned for another family portrait session coming to the blog in the near future! You know I can't get enough of those lately.