This Life

You know it's been a while since you've blogged when you log into Squarespace and they've rearranged everything! But I make no apologies this time. I've been living life!

Willow fell off our bed and fractured her arm almost two weeks ago. Unfortunately because she's so tiny, they couldn't just cast the end of her arm where the fracture was because the whole thing would just slip off her tiny arm. So they had to put her in a long cast all the way up to her shoulder. She struggled the first couple of days... especially with sleeping. It's a clunky thing to get used to. But she's doing a lot better now and wields it as a tiny battle weapon for the most part. Eating her food has definitely been frustrating, but hey on the bright side, we're pretty positive now that Willow is right handed.

So because of said injury, and subsequent foot injury which happened just a few days later (no break, just the most gnarly bruise across a little foot that you've ever seen!), we've been trying to take it easy. Willster is a trooper, but she's definitely been a little grumpier, a little clingier, and a lot more cuddly. These are good and bad things of course, but I've been enjoying the snuggles and letting her watch the movies she loves so much. I really can't wait for it to warm up so we can visit more places. As soon as we opened the door to cartoons back in November when I was sick for a few days and feeling lazy, Willow was hooked. And I know it's not the end of the world, and I'm happy to get a little downtime while she enjoys a movie, but she's definitely crankier after a movie. She rubs her eyes a lot. She doesn't sleep as well. I just don't think it's great for her. So any time it's above 30 degrees, we try to go out and do something fun. This has just been an unnaturally cold winter for Richmond!

Today, we went to the zoo. We went a few weeks ago and Willow had the best time. She was so happy that I asked them to apply our tickets that day to the cost of a season pass, which they happily did. Now, we can go see the animals as much as we want! As Erik says, it's probably the best money we've spent this year.

Other than that and all the fun I've been having podcasting, I've just been trudging through the tedious business tasks of January. The planning. The number crunching. The accounting. God, the accounting. Have I mentioned that I despise doing my taxes? Because I do. I despise it. I thought, years ago, when I hired an accountant I wouldn't have to do horrible accounting stuff anymore, but that's just not the way it is! Haha I love my accountant though. She's good at knowing when I've forgotten things and checking up on me when things don't seem right.

So that's the cliff notes version of life right now. I'm looking forward to when Willow gets her cast off, when the weather warms up a bit, and when I'm photographing Spring blooms! But then again, that will mean my baby is going to turn 2 soon, so yikes! This time thing sure is crazy...