THP Redesign Giveaway!

Well hello there, and welcome to the new fancy schmancy blog!

I decided when I went back to working post baby that I should make things as crazy as possible for myself and have been working on a website redesign ever since! Yay! 

I'm actually really glad I did.  Luckily, using Squarespace makes it relatively easy to update my website. And I think it really needed it. The old website was lovely and served its purpose extremely well. But it was very WEDDINGS YAY!!! And of course, I love weddings. They've become the bread and butter of my business. But, maybe because of Willow, maybe just because I like switching it up, I'm very eager to do more family photography and senior portraits in the future. I think the new site emphasizes that! 

See, there's this rumor in the photography world that you have to pick one thing. That you must specialize in something! I subscribed to that and threw myself headfirst into weddings. And while I hope to continue doing weddings for a long time to come, I want to open up to other photography styles as well!

There are a lot of exclamation marks in this post, but I can't help it. The new site is pretty exciting. I mean... "the new site is pretty EXCITING!!!

To celebrate the redesign and my new goal to shoot more portraits, I'm giving away a complete photography session to one lucky person! 

I'm including the photo shoot, the digital images, and three 8x10 prints. If you were to purchase these from me normally, it would be valued at over $1000!!! That's my way of telling you this giveaway is a HUGE deal!

You can enter the giveaway every day until Sunday, so make sure you keep checking back to up your chances!

Terms and Conditions: Portrait session must take place before December 1, 2016. A minimum of 30 digital images will be delivered at the discretion of THP. 8x10 prints will be chosen by the winner. All images must be permitted for advertising and marketing purposes by THP. The portrait session must take place within 30 miles of zip code 23112.

Good luck!!!