Travel Preparations

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All right, travel connoisseurs, today I need your help. If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably know we're headed to Europe(!) next month (you know, for free-ish). And while Erik and I have done a fair amount of traveling since we've been married (I got to see Erik ride a plane for the first time and it was probably the greatest joy of our relationship... just kidding, mostly), most of our traveling has been within the country. This will be our first experience in Europe and we'll be there for two weeks.

This may sound crazy, but I would really prefer NOT checking any bags. Is this a reasonable expectation at all??? We have so many layovers and various flights that the idea of lost luggage is just an extra burden we don't want to deal with. And carrying a bunch of junk around just does not appeal to me. I bought packing cubes to make our carry on bags more space-efficient and the first leg of our trip in Scotland we'll be staying in a flat we reserved through Airbnb (God bless Airbnb) that has a washer/dryer, so some clothing can be washed and re-worn. Other considerations are that Scotland's average temperature in May is 50 degrees, whereas Italy's will be more like 65. Ah, conundrums.

I've also purchased some European electronic adapters for all our charging needs. As for cell phones, what have you found to be the best way to communicate (especially with the people you're traveling with) overseas? I think whenever wifi is availabile, we'll be fine with Skype and such, but is there a cool travel app I don't know about?

Speaking of cool travel apps, I'm on the hunt for a language translator app, so if you know of one, let me know! And keep in mind, I'm the only photographer in the world who doesn't have an iPhone. Android forever, y'all. 

The biggest question, as if there weren't enough for you, is... what am I not even considering that I should probably be thinking about? What did you wish you'd done differently when you traveled? 

Can you tell I'm a planner? I like to have all my answers before I go anywhere. Trust me, if it rains in Scotland (ha... IF it rains... in SCOTLAND) I'll have plan B, C, and D ready to go. 

Last but not least... here's a list of the places we're going...

Edinburgh, Scotland; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy; Cannes, France; Palma, Majorca, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; and Naples, Italy. Brief layovers in New York, London, and Moscow.

Three cheers for the semicolon!

If you've ever been to any of those places and have any fun ideas or even warnings about any of them, leave them in the comments!

I do apologize for the completely self-serving blog post today... I have Europe on the brain. I promise that once we return, I'll have my own list of tips for YOU to use one day :)