Tuckahoe Plantation Bridal Portraits

tuckahoe plantation wedding photographer

Now that Brittney and Brandon are MARRIED, I can finally share this seriously swoon-worthy portrait session that Brittney and I did at Tuckahoe Plantation this summer. I had never been to Tuckahoe Plantation, but I'd heard a lot about how gorgeous it was from other photographers. They were so, so right. There was something beautiful and charming everywhere I turned. Plus, it was the childhood home of my favorite president, Thomas Jefferson, what's not to love? (Welcome to Virginia, where every old house once belonged to someone famous!). Looking through these photos, I'm just so jazzed that I'm shooting an entire wedding at this beautiful venue next year. I cannot wait! :)

As for this session? Well if Tuckahoe Plantation impressed me, then Brittney blew me away. She and her entourage of helpers were just so much fun. You wouldn't believe how fast we did all these photos. Everything was just perfect and easy. And Brittney was a complete dream. She was beautiful of course, but she was so trusting of all my weird ideas that it made my job ridiculously easy.

Enjoy this lovely flashback to summer and green leaves!