Tuckahoe Plantation Engagement Session

Melissa and Bill's Tuckahoe Plantation Engagement Session

Can I reiterate how much I love engagement sessions? Wow. This one just made me so happy. Melissa and Bill booked their wedding with me way back in October and we hadn't even met until we did this session at Tuckahoe Plantation (where the wedding will be this Fall!) and what a joy it was to see them together.

Something you're going to notice is that Melissa is laughing hysterically in tons of these pictures. That's because Bill is hilarious! Lots of times I tell the groom to whisper something in his bride's ear to get her to laugh and that totally puts him on the spot, but Bill was just on it and got her to laugh every single time! And he rocked a kilt while doing it... mad style points to him! Honestly,  it was just so sweet seeing the complete happiness these two felt around each other. Sometimes you can just tell... these people are perfect together!

Tuckahoe Plantation is fast becoming one of my favorite places to shoot at as well. There are SO many options for photos and the family who owns it is as sweet as can be about you using their property. If you're wedding planning, looking for a good photo location, or just want to spend an afternoon visiting a beautiful, historical home, you should definitely make a visit! 

Enjoy these photos! And stay tuned for more from these two in the Fall! Ah! I can't wait :)