Tuckahoe Plantation Senior Portraits

Tuckahoe Plantation Portraits_0007.jpg

Senior Portraits in Richmond, VA at Tuckahoe Plantation

We don't need another blog post where I gush on Tuckahoe Plantation more, but I dunno... maybe I should gush on Tuckahoe Plantation some more? It's just one of my absolute favorite places to photograph. No matter the season, it's always so beautiful. There's always something in bloom. And always a location I haven't tried before. It's familiar but I'm still inspired to be creative every time I go.

Today's session was of the beautiful Cathrine! Cathrine's sister, Michaela, also did her senior portraits at Tuckahoe Plantation... so, clearly this family has amazing taste right? It was fun to reunite with the family and find out how Michaela was doing and meet the second of this trio of sisters! During the ordering appointment, we were planning their senior portrait canvas arrangement and it was the first time that we were trying to arrange a new canvas with an old canvas and a future, TBD canvas of daughter #3! Haha. The things poor parents do to make sure everything is fair for all their children! But man, I can't wait to see this finished product on their walls... it will literally be years in the making!

Cathrine herself was just the biggest sweetheart and so easy to photograph... much like her sister was. She was a little quieter and I think that that personality difference shows in their pictures. Cathrine's are just a little softer in comparison to Michaela's, which were more bold. I love that. I love when I can see a little of who someone is through my camera. 

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorites of Cathrine's senior pictures!