Twenty Seven

Twenty seven! That's how old I turned yesterday. I like ages with seven in them. I feel like I was born to... born on 7/15/1987 at 7:50pm weighing 7 lbs even. It kind of HAS to be my lucky number. I guess my seventies are going to be fantastic! :)

10497488_777236518994398_4862016686589346835_oHey it's baby me! My mom put this picture of me and my dad on Facebook yesterday and I'd never even seen it before so I was excited haha. I love old photos.

I'm a nostalgic person. I'm sure a lot of photographers are. We work in memories. We document. We relive. I have a drawer full of movie ticket stubs, theatre programs, and of course photographs because it's just so hard to throw things like that away. If you've ever written me a letter, I probably still have it. I like keeping tokens of my journey in life. Post cards I've collected from new places. A silly note Erik wrote for me when we were dating that I have transitioned from purse to purse since we started dating because it was sweet and I couldn't throw it away... kind of like a voicemail he left me that I tell my phone to save every month so I can listen to it on bad days and feel better.

I'm thankful that I'm this way. Sometimes I know it would be easier and less painful to not be so attached to my memories. But when I walk outside and something about the temperature, the light, the smell of the season can take me back to an exact day over a decade ago, I'm just grateful that I pay attention to things like that. I remember sitting by the window in Erik's college apartment telling him that I just loved the smell of October, that no month compared. It's a good thing he didn't think I was crazy.

I'm excited to be twenty seven. Strange as it may be, it's an age I've envisioned and anticipated for a long time. I was a weird kid because as much as I loved and appreciated my childhood and teens, I found the "unknown" of my life daunting. I wanted a picture of what my life would look like and, along with my love for the number 27, I thought that that was an age where I'd have a vision of what the rest of my life would look like. I know that some people would HATE to look at things that way, that it sounds dismal and boring to them. But I LIKE knowing that every day, I'll have Erik. That I've found a career I get to be creative and passionate about. That soon (relatively soon, guys, this is no announcement) we'll have a family of our own. I have a direction and I'm living the parts of life I've always looked forward to. If you think about it, every year you're in school is just spent preparing for the NEXT thing. It's nice to finally be IN the next thing. It's nice to know you've finally earned the life you've been working toward for so long.

So it was a happy birthday. I went to my favorite restaurant, Pescados, with my family and Erik. And honestly, the rest of my day was just spent relaxing, enjoying aloneness while Erik was at work, watching reruns of my favorite show LOST :), and it was awesome. After having two weddings last weekend and then babysitting a three year old all day Monday, I was pretty beat! So it was perfect. And Erik gave me a new camera which was so exciting. It's an Instax mini, which is like a Polaroid that instantly develops. Ten photos to a pack and each frame costs a little under $1. It makes you think about the photo before you take it and I honestly felt the unique magic that film photographers talk about. Just with a little Instax! What! It made me think I could get into film and cherish each photo more than you ever can with digital. But I'm not biting the bullet yet with film because if photography is an expensive past time, FILM photography is even crazier.

Stay tuned for a gorgeous wedding at Lewis Ginter coming to the blog on Friday! :)