A Spring UVA Engagement Session

Kate and Will's Spring UVA Engagement Session

I have been VERY eagerly looking forward to this session with Kate and Will. It was a long, long winter for me personally. I felt very isolated and scared, especially in regard to the future of this business that I've worked so hard to grow the past few years. When your baby is due in May, it kind of takes all your Spring wedding options off the table, and that bummed me out for a while. But that meant that the wedding clients I HAVE booked this year just filled my heart with a little extra joy and it makes me want to love on those guys even more than normal :)

So this was the first engagement I photographed in 2016! Crazy! But it was the absolute best way to start. Kate and Will met at the University of Virginia doing cheerleading together, so there was no better place to do their engagement session than UVA's beautiful campus in Charlottesville. I've actually had a good number of UVA couples in this past, but hadn't shot any of those engagement sessions on campus... so this was very exciting! And of course, my dad attended law school at UVA, so I was kind of raised to adore that place haha. 

The other thing about this session that will be incredibly obvious from the photos is that Kate and Will are seriously two of the sweetest, friendliest people ever. I already had a feeling this session would be fun since we'd had a two hour meeting before they booked where time literally seemed to FLY by. Some clients just instantly feel like friends and that was completely the case with these two. We just jived! And that always comes across in the images. It means we all trust each other and they can be themselves, which is all I ever want from an engagement session.

Enjoy these beautiful Spring photos... the cherry blossoms were absolutely stunning and I have a whole new appreciation for how beautiful UVA's campus is! And make sure you leave Kate and Will some love for being such fabulous stars of the show ;)