Vintage Snow Shoot

I always say I want to do a snow shoot when it snows but then I wind up snuggling up on the sofa with hot chocolate instead. I love snow days no matter what I'm doing, but last week it was finally time to do some shooting! Nicole from Lettier Studio messaged me the morning of the snow and asked if I wanted to go shooting. I said YES DUH because... SNOW. And it just sounded really fun :)

We joked about how awesome it would be if Ian, Nicole's husband, would model with her. And then, much to our delight, he said he would! Nicole and Ian's wedding anniversary is coming up, so I started thinking of it as a fun anniversary for the two of them. I'm so glad Ian came. Not just because the photos turned out extra sweet, but because he brings out a joy in Nicole that I hadn't seen before! It was adorable and SO worth freezing our feet off to do it! (Can you believe Nicole whipped out heels for this!? She's so committed to her vision haha!)

You can't stop a stylist from styling. Nicole went all out for this and brought all sorts of props to play with. It was the cherry on top to a really fun day!