Virginia State Capitol Bridal Portraits

Richmond Bridal Portraits at the Virginia State Capitol

When Audra suggested the Virginia State Capitol for her bridal portraits, I was ELATED. The Capitol has become one of my favorite places to shoot at this year and this was my third time this Spring. But I have to say, a BRIDE + the gorgeous Capitol architecture, the Richmond skyline, the classic Richmond monuments and fountains = a match made in heaven. This was one of the most difficult sessions to narrow down because I loved so many of these photos!

Audra is just absolutely gorgeous, a completely effortless beauty. She shares my hostility toward lipstick and is a sweet ray of sunshine at the same time! She may have inherited that sweetness from her mother because oh my goodness, what a perfect mother of the bride! She kept trying to hold my camera bag for me, guys! My camera bag is HEAVY. It was so ridiculously nice! I told them it was obvious they were both teachers because they went above and beyond for absolutely everything! I love that Audra's mom was there for these photos. There's nothing like having your mom around to fix stray hairs and tell you how amazing you look. I think I'll have to insist my brides bring their moms for these portraits in the future ;)

And of course, the most challenging, agonizing, torturous thing about bridal portraits!? I can't share them with anyone until the wedding has happened. But now it has! Hurray! Audra married Justin this past Saturday at their beautiful Historic Mankin Mansion wedding. I can't wait to share the photos from THAT as soon as possible, but for now, enjoy these gorgeous shots of Audra!