Virginia Tech Engagement Session

Kat and Chris' Virginia Tech Engagement Session in Blacksburg, VA

2014-05-14_0002I'm always excited to share the photos from my latest session or wedding, but when it's my own family or friends, I can't help but be extra excited. Kat and my brother-in-law, Chris, got engaged this past Christmas. I had eagerly been awaiting the proposal since September/October? when Chris told his brother that he was ring shopping. I had been waiting for a long time! They even came to visit us one weekend and we took some pictures, me thinking the whole time that if Chris had just given her the ring already, we could be doing engagement pictures instead!

I know. Way to make it all about me and my own selfish fun ;)

Naturally, it is about them. And what a perfect couple they make. Ever since meeting Kat, it's seemed pretty obvious that she was the one for Chris. She is assertive, emotional, and bold while he is steady, patient, and lighthearted. It's a combination I know well in my own marriage and one that has worked out pretty well between Erik and ChrisΒ for many years. But more than opposites attracting, Kat and Chris find joy in one another and are attuned to each other's needs in a very apparent way. It's sweet, they're sweet, and I'm rambling, but what can I say, I've been staring at pictures of these guys being adorable for three days now.

One of the best parts of shooting this engagement session was hearing the stories from the beginning of their relationship at Virginia Tech. There's something about literally walking along memory lane that evokes that in people during their engagement sessions. Because Kat and Chris were both in the Corps of Cadets, they really weren't allowed to date. So they would often walk far, far away from campus together to the park that's in many of these photos to spend their time together. It was just a touch of their history that I hadn't known and a reminder of why engagement photos can be so special. I could never have chosen a location as perfect and meaningful as that, and it turned out beautiful.

You just want to see the pictures right? I know. It's okay. Without further ramble, enjoy this very maroon and orange engagement session :)

virginia tech engagement2014-05-14_0039virginia tech engagement photo 2014-05-14_0005That Chrissy...

virginia tech engagement photo

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