Virginia Tech Graduation 2013 - Chris and Kat

This past weekend I was in Blacksburg, VA celebrating my brother-in-law and his girlfriend's graduation from Virginia Tech University. Chris is a finance major and Kat is a psychology major. Chris and Erik have always been the kind of wonderfully close brothers who get into mischief together and play all the same games together. They're four years apart in age, but that's difficult to tell most of the time. In our wedding, Chris was Erik's best man and there was just no other possible choice for that role. I think it was the only thing Erik knew right away.


We met Kat a little over a year ago when Chris came to help us move into our new house and brought her along. Poor girl. What a terrible way to meet people. She seemed okay with it, though, and stronger than some of the guys helping us move in :-). We've grown very close with her this year since she and Chris like to stay with us in Richmond on their breaks from school, watching HGTV and playing Munchkin, sometimes peacefully. It actually surprised me when I stopped to think how long I'd known Kat and realized it was only a little over a year. It definitely seems like longer, so Chris had better keep her around!


This weekend's graduation was a crazy affair, so we arrived Thursday and stayed through Sunday. Virginia Tech is obviously a struggling school who needs every penny they can get! Anyway, not going to bash VT in Chris and Kat's graduation post... trying very hard.

Here are some pictures from Friday morning's commencement. We arrived very early to avoid any traffic issues, so we had a couple hours to kill in the bleachers. I had to delete a lot of weird, "I'm bored" pictures.

2013-05-20_0004Erik's mom, Grandma, and Pap. Pap was so amused that I took a picture of him taking a picture. He loves his camera almost as much as I love mine.

2013-05-20_0005Katlyn and Candice, Erik's sister and stepsister. I think this was before we all got sunburned haha.

2013-05-20_0006Hey, look, they're taking pictures of us!



2013-05-20_00032013-05-20_0007And then, picture time! Yay!


Of course, I would be the one to not pay attention to my own camera.

That evening and the next day we went to Chris and Kat's individual graduations. For the record, Kat graduated a day before Chris did. She will always have that.



2013-05-20_0018Notice how everyone else cooperates when I try to take a picture. Then you have these people...

2013-05-20_0017I think they might have been a tad bored with all the picture taking. Just a thought.

After the last graduation, we went to a park near Chris and Kat's apartment for a picnic. Sadly, the park's grills had been removed some time between graduation day and when the pavilion had been reserved, so Erik's newΒ step dad, John, had to go out and BUY a grill for us to grill. It was a little ridiculous, but I think everyone had a good time. The only sad part was that it started pouring down rain and I'm paranoid about using my camera in the rain, so I don't have many pictures.


Huge congratulations to the two of you! I hope you both had a great weekend and don't let the real world scare you too much :-)