Visiting My City

visiting my city richmond virginiaLast week, a couple of new friends from Little Blue Box Events, Nicole and her mom Deborah, and I headed into Richmond to shoot some new head shots. We wandered around the VMFA, which is a beautiful spot in itself. We got a lot of great photos that I'll be sharing a little later! But what I enjoyed so much was getting to know these two ladies, who helped me get to know my city a little better, too. See, I have lived in Richmond my entire life. But where I really have lived is Chesterfield or Midlothian, just outside the city. Richmond itselfΒ is still mostly a mystery to me. I pop in and out for various events, weddings, and meetings with friends. My brother even LIVES there. But I've never taken the time to explore. To walk, or drive, slowly and look around. To try all the local restaurants that AREN'T just in Carytown.

2014-07-21_0002All this to say, I don't know why it hasn't happened before, but I'm suddenly feeling really inspired to be more a part of it all. I always read about the tons of festivals and events in Richmond and somehow have NEVER been to one. That's crazy! I love things like that and enjoyed going to them in college, but for some reason when I came back home, I just stopped doing those things. I guess because I never did and moving home just slips you back into old habits. But that's why we go to college, expand our horizons, and see other ways of living.

richmond virginiaWhat are your favorite spots in Richmond? Restaurants, fun things to do, beautiful spots I should take all my wedding couples for engagement photos? Let er rip! Pretend I haven't lived here my whole life and then, because you know I really have, forgive me and have mercy. I'm a habitual loner who loves nights at home with Netflix and chai tea :)

Sidenote: I recently learned that my blog hasn't been displaying correctly in Firefox and Internet Explorer and that some people aren't seeing my comment box at all. Putting aside the mild panic attack I had when I realized this, I came up with a temporary solution until I can figure out the root of the problem... if I can figure out the root of the problem. If anything looks crazy to you, I'd be grateful if you let me know and also mentioned what browser you're using. Things seem to run swimmingly in Google Chrome, which is what I use, but I know everyone has different preferences. Thanks in advance!