Website Makeover


It hasn't been long since the last time I made an announcement like this, but here we are again. My website and my blog got a little facelift to help freshen them up! If there's anything I've learned this past year about the photography business, it's that I need to do everything I can to show my clients who I am through my website. It's my storefront, my commercial, my portfolio, and my biography all in one. It's pretty important! This time, you'll notice I've expanded a bit. I now have a website and a separate blog. Jasmine Star once said something to the degree of "your website is your handshake and your blog is the conversation" to help people get to know you better. I've always liked that analogy. People spend an average of 30 seconds on a new website. 30 seconds!? Like, the amount of time it takes to reheat my coffee. The length of one commercial. 1/4 of the time it takes my shower to heat in the morning. That's a tiny amount of time! In 30 seconds, my old website didn't do me justice. I think now it does!

I would have never taken this leap without the inspiration and guidance from Abby Grace, who showed me why it was so important to be yourself at her workshop in August. Saying "it's time for an update" can't just be because you're bored or have a new favorite color. You have to know why you're doing the things you're doing for them to have any impact on your business. My last site was white and floral and it went with my "must attract brides!" goal to start shooting more weddings. Everyone who knows me will tell you that what I have now looks more like me. Erik went to my blog page last night and said "ah this is so much better!" This is a high compliment from my web developer husband who thinks code should be simple and to the point when I want glowing text and moving pictures. We're a little different that way ;)

So leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new digs! If you notice something isn't working the way it should, I'd love to know! I did this all almost entirely myself, so I'm sure it's not perfect but that's okay :)

Posts without photos make me sad, so here's my latest favoritest picture of the boys in my house: