Wedding Albums

Yesterday I received my new sample album. I opened the box, I felt, I swooned, I thought about my own wedding album and wondered why it didn't look and feel like THIS one. Yes, I had wedding album envy. Needless to say, it was a glorious moment.

I can't think of an album that will mean more to your family than your wedding album. It's your first family heirloom, meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Every time I pack up an album for my clients I think about how many people are going to flip through these pages. People who aren't even born yet. People 100 years from now. It's something I really considered when I chose my album companies. Lasting quality.

An album like this is definitely an investment and I know that when there are so many wedding bills, it's hard to consider one more thing. But I can promise you that if there's anything I'm glad I spent money on at my wedding, it's the photography and the art I've purchased since then. My album, my canvases, my framed prints. There is no point in investing in wedding photography and letting your images sit on your computer. No point. I enjoy my wedding photos every day because I see them every day.

I took some photos this morning so you could behold this amazing album in all its glory. Pretend you can feel how soft and luxurious it feels. Even Erik declared "Now THIS is an album" when I made him hold it. That's real life testimony, y'all.