Wedding Checklist for Photographers

For Photographers

babys breath boquetI actually sat down to write a different blog post today. But I'm starting my wedding season tomorrow (YAY ASHLEY AND BRIAN I AM SO DANG EXCITED), so I have all my pre-wedding prep routines on my brain. I figured I should write down all the things I do before a wedding so that in the future I can just check things off my list. Well, why not write it all out on my blog so that maybe others can benefit as well? Oh, and so that my to do list this morning goes from

1. Write blog post 2. Make wedding checklist 


1. Write blog post about wedding checklist for photographers

Bam. That's efficiency right there.

My mom asked me yesterday what I was going to do today and I mentioned that I had to prep for the wedding. She was surprised because I think people think we all just show up with a camera, shoot, and the magic just happens. Well, maybe some people do that. But I've always been the type to do my homework because YOU NEVER KNOW what could happen. That's my motto in life. YOU NEVER KNOW. In all capital letters.

virginia spring wedding cherry blossomsHere's my official list:

1. Print paperwork and save to Google Drive (timeline, questionnaire, family formal list, directions to "getting ready" location, contract) 2. Charge all camera batteries 3. Charge AA batteries for speedlites 4. Charge laptop 5. Load and format memory cards in both cameras; put all other cards in protector 6. Clean all lenses and filters 7. Organize equipment into bags

  • Shoulder bag: 5D Mark III Camera, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8 macro, memory cards, camera batteries, client site cards, and paperwork.
  • Rolling bag:  6D Camera, 28mm 1.8, 70-200mm 2.8, both 600EX speedlites, AA batteries, light stand, umbrella, AA batteries, camera battery charger. 

8. Pack "extras" bag

  • Two snacks, water bottle, hair tie, hair brush, wipes, command hook, clothes hanger, back up dress, back up shoes, cardigan.

I bring a lot of stuff.


One time I even packed pajamas and my favorite thick socks and slippers so that I could be extra comfy on my two hour drive home and it was the best wedding decision I've ever made. AND NOW I KNOW.

wedding checklist for photographersSome explanations in case you were wondering...

I print all my paperwork in case my phone dies. I save everything to Google Drive, so that I can view it on my phone if I don't have the paperwork. I also save the wedding timeline as my "lock screen" wallpaper so I can always check the time and the timeline simultaneously.

The laptop is a new thing that I'll be experimenting with in the forthcoming weddings... we'll see if that's worth the extra effort. I'm kind of nervous about adding in a new step, but it could be really cool!

The gear in my shoulder bag changes throughout the day. I pack it that way because those are the lenses I use in the "getting ready" room for the getting ready activities and the detail shots of the dress, jewelry, etc.

blue wedding shoesI think the "extras" bag speaks for itself. You just never know what you might need and I like to be prepared! I should have been a girl scout. Is that their motto as well? Or only the boys... must consult the Eagle scout when he gets home from work tonight.

So yeah I bring a lot of stuff, way more than I need so that if something goes wrong I can still do my job. Thank you blog readers, for being an ear while I said my checklist aloud for the first time!

All photos from second shooting with Marek K Photography. Check him out!