Weekend Getaway

For mine and Erik's birthdays  (which are fifteen days apart and yes I'm older and yes that means I'm wiser and yes isn't that obvious?) my parents gifted us a weekend getaway to the beach. You see, for four months now, we've had house guests. Erik's siblings finally realized they were missing out and decided to move to RVA and thus, #operationRVA was a complete success! They all live here now and I'm basically the luckiest person in the world because I planted my feet in the city I wanted to live in and told everyone around me to come to me, and they basically did. Erik's mother probably thinks I'm a witch or something for compelling all her children to live here!

But anyway! Everyone is here, and as is always the case when you're sharing your house with three extra people, things get unnecessarily stressful at times and everyone needs to take to their separate corners. So my parents' gift idea was perfect timing and would have been appreciated no matter the circumstances. However, the beach idea, was not so perfect for my fair ginger husband ;) Erik asked me if we could go somewhere other than the beach, and because this is Virginia, the amazing state of all vacation options, I said okay, to the mountains we go! 

Neither of us had ever been to Wintergreen before, so we weren't sure what to expect. We rented an apartment at Wintergreen Resort on Airbnb, the greatest vacation rental site ever, and off we went. 

I didn't realize until some research that this area is famous for their wineries and breweries... like a TON of breweries, all right in a row on the same road. So, every day of our three day trip, we visited one. Friday we went to Wild Wolf Brewing Company, which was so laid back you could play cornhole beside the patio while you waited for your food. I don't even like beer, but we got a flight to try some out and I was amazed that I liked almost all of them. Erik and I decided the hipsters are correct, craft beer is the way to go.

Saturday, we met my college roomie and friend, Erin and her fiance Kirk at Bold Rock Cidery... you may recognize them from a certain Outlander photo shoot. This time I didn't make them freeze to death, wear kilts, or sit in hair and makeup for hours. I'm nice that way. It was fitting to meet them at Bold Rock because Erin's dad did a ton of woodwork for them... and that's a big deal because the place is gorgeous. They, too, had lots of lawn game fun to enjoy. There was definitely a theme at all these breweries.

Sunday, we had lunch at Devil's Backbone before heading home. It felt the most like a restaurant of all the breweries we went to. It was still a huge complex, and I liked tasting the different beers, but I don't think it would have been as fun to hang out at as Bold Rock was.

But believe it or not, breweries were not the point of our trip. I really wanted to go hiking... for some reason... and we did! And it was fun, though not without a few hiccups along the way. You see, I read online that there was a pretty waterfall hike in the area called Crabtree Falls that was moderately difficult and 1.8 miles. That doesn't sound so bad, right? And it wans't, really. But it was definitely more intense than I expected. Erik's done tons of hiking in his boy scout past, so he knew that "moderate" would be more difficult than I thought. And somehow in translation, he thought when I said 1.8 miles that I meant TOTAL, and I meant the hike was 1.8 miles up, 1.8 miles down. So the hike took us a lot longer than we expected, but we still really enjoyed it (minus the ginormous snake that slithered across the trail right in front of me... though Erik really enjoyed that part). 

I did manage to convince Erik to carry my camera in his backpack. I don't think I'll ever be able to convince him to do that again, unless we maybe have a nicer backpack. So I was able to grab some pictures, but mostly we were trying to do the hike with some speed since we were meeting Erin and Kirk later that day. Also, I'm making the same odd pose in both the pictures of me... that bothers me. And I wasn't tired. One was the beginning of the trail and one was the end, so I don't know what was up with me!

It was an incredibly gorgeous hike, and I appreciated the waterfall views the entire way up. Of course the view at the top was just perfection. Next time, I bringing a picnic to eat at the top, so that we can stick around longer and enjoy it. 

That was our weekend! Now we're home and Lily can live in peace once again! ;)