Weekend with the Grandparents

We had a wonderful weekend with Erik's grandparents this past weekend. Unfortunately, we don't get to see them as often as we'd like since they live in Johnstown, PA. We're always really thankful when they make the trip to come stay with us for a weekend. You would think the young people would be kind enough to do all the travelling, but nope! They know they get more time with us if they leave Friday morning instead of waiting for Erik to finish work and then leave that evening. Yeah, we're definitely glad they have that perspective! I met Erik's grandparents years ago when we were seniors at JMU. They came to visit for a weekend and we took them on a tour around JMU and the arboretum there. I instantly felt so comfortable around them. I should have known that one day they would wind up being family! What's really hilarious is noticing all the commonalities that Erik and his Pap share. They're both very particular about certain things, they're both very set in their routines ("creatures of habit," as Erik would say), and they're both really hard-working. Oh and pretty funny, too ;) Grandma, on the other hand, is very easy-going. She's a great listener, very open-minded and accepting. Before I met them, Erik was trying to describe his grandma to me and eventually he said, "you know... she's a lot like you." I take that as a high compliment! Not only because she's so sweet, but because it's obvious Erik has a real soft spot for her (as every grandson should for their grandma!).

(Have you ever noticed how often I parenthesize things? That's my brain for you.)

The last time Grandma and Pap came to visit, Erik had just broken his collar bone playing football, so we were resigned to a weekend of hanging out on the couch. That was fine. They had never seen our house before, so they were satisfied to see the house and Erik's office. Oh, and our company is fabulous, so they didn't mind that either! This time, though, we wanted to make sure we did something that they would enjoy! Well, they are huge Civil War buffs and hello, this is Richmond! So we took them to see the Museum of the Confederacy and Jefferson Davis' home/capital building (they're side by side, and right next to MCV hospital!).

2013-10-07_0001 2013-10-07_0002 2013-10-07_0003 2013-10-07_0004 2013-10-07_0005 2013-10-07_0006 2013-10-07_0007Erik and I thought this was especially cool. This is what it looks like when a Confederate bullet his a Union bullet!

We did a lot of chatting out on our deck, so it was only fitting that we took a photo out there before they left on Sunday morning. And naturally, we had to round up everyone's favorite little weasel for the photo. We had a great weekend and will be looking forward to the holiday season when we'll see them again.Weekend with the grandparents