Weekend Ridiculousness

This weekend was an exercise in my overthinking, planning ridiculousness... and then my determination to throw that out the window just to prove that I can!

Take Friday for example. I had plans to make one of our go to dinner recipes, teriyaki chicken, rice, and broccoli. Woot. Well, 5:00 rolled around and Willow was in a great mood, so I said SCREW IT we're going to get ramen at Bluefish! So we did. And it was awesome. But the next morning when I discovered the pack of organic chicken breasts still "thawing" on the counter from yesterday, I was a little bummed I had thrown my plan out the window.

Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk or ruined chicken.

So, we had very few plans this weekend. And I decided I wanted me and Willow to get out of the house for once, because we tend to hermit, and our activity of choice would be visiting Santa at the mall! What a festive, fun, holiday outing! I declared it and even went so far as to invite Willow's bff, Adah to come with us.

Sidenote: Look at their adorable BFF-ness:



Any time Andrea and I decide we're going to hang out with the babies, there is furious texting involved. "Willow is resisting her nap, we may need to push back the time!" You know, that kind of thing. 

So Saturday, Willow slept in til 9am and everyone got this victory, braggy photo on Instagram about it.

Woke baby at 9 today ❤ #willowgrowsup

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But this may not have been such a good thing. Willow took her first nap no problem. Then for nap #2, all hell broke loose. I was determined to get her to nap (I swear, she was tired and rubbing her eyes like she does when she's sleepy) but it just wasn't happening. I was baffled because napping had been so easy this week. I just put her down in her crib, walk away, and two hours later I have a happy, refreshed Willow kind of easy. But today it was screaming and agony! So I'd get her up and play a bit and then try again. But she just wasn't having it. I was bummed! I couldn't believe the one silly plan I'd made for our weekend was being thwarted by one rogue naptime. 

I texted Andrea/Adah that this was not happening for us. And they were okay with it. Adah is in stranger danger age anyway. But I was not okay with it. And was determined that Sunday we would go.

All this time, my loving husband was probably thinking how ridiculous it was that I was so determined to get us to visit a Santa that Willow obviously doesn't understand but it became such a mission in my head and I think he could see that I WOULD NOT BE STOPPED.

So, Willow of course had a rough time sleeping that night after her first day in the history of her life where she took only ONE NAP. And then Sunday she napped briefly in the morning. Erik said "okay, do you still want to go?" and I said YES WE ARE GOING. No more waiting for the perfectly well rested moment. It's just not always going to happen, so WE ARE GOING.

And as soon as I said that it started raining. Like, instantly. I took this "sign" as infuriating and told Erik WE'RE GOING ANYWAY. NOW. LIKE, RIGHT NOW.

So we did. We strapped Willow into the car seat and headed to Stony Point, our local outdoor mall, because obviously that's where you go when you're defiantly going to visit Santa in the rain. 

It's raining, let's go to the outdoor mall with the baby! 🎄 #willowgrowsup #christmas #christmastree #teampowerawesome

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When we arrived, the rain stopped. It was magical. We wandered the mall for a bit, stopping to look at Christmas lights and Christmas trees. Willow was clearly enchanted by her new, exciting surroundings. And we found Santa and got the obligatory sitting on Santa's lap photo. Willow was completely chill about the whole experience. She looked around with curiosity at pretty much everything. But it didn't matter how tired she was, she was just so interested in all these new things. I kept saying how happy she was to see everything and we need to go out and do more things like this!

We got home and Willow took a nice long nap. It wasn't enough to reach her normal nap quota hours, but it was a good little sleep. And then last night she was so overtired that she woke up constantly. If I've learned anything from my baby sleep studying, it's that the cycle of overtired just gets worse and worse. Last night at 3:30am when Willow had been crying for half an hour, I wondered if it had been worth it. And I don't know, it kind of was. I'm okay with our Monday-Friday revolving around Willow's nap schedule. But sometimes, you have to break free and go DO. So we did, and I got my small victory. I will forever enjoy this little Christmas keepsake as a reminder of our Sunday afternoon adventure into the world. And one of my new years goals is to get us out and more adventurous. Hermit-ing around my house may be satisfying enough for me, but it may not be all Willow wants or needs. So it's time to figure that out!