Weekend Travels

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Whew! Happy Monday everyone! It's been a crazy weekend for me on my tour of Virginia. Saturday's gorgeous wedding took me way out west and because the reception was north on I-81, my GPS (my savior and best friend while traveling) had me come home via I-64. So I took a leisurely tour of Virginia. Not too leisurely since I was putting pedal to the metal, but I did enjoy the scenery ;) I know you're fascinated by my adventures, so I plotted out my course in the past 48 hours for you.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.07.28 AM

Virginia is a big place. I was talking with some other photographers from up north who were saying how lovely Richmond was. They were talking about how nice the people were here, which is true. But they also mentioned how the outdoor weddings would be gorgeous. And they ARE. I mentioned how diverse they are here, too. In Virginia, you can have a city wedding, a farm wedding, a mountain wedding, a beach wedding... even an African wedding ;)

So now I'm in Duck, NC! Erik and I are here with my parents and dad's side of the family. We've got two beach houses to accommodate us all. That means two pools, two hot tubs, you get the picture. Should be a fun-filled week :)

That also means the blog posts might be lacking this week because I have beaching to do! So you'll have to excuse me while I soak up some sunshine this week. Until then, enjoy a little sneak peek of this past weekend's African themed wedding.