Weekend Wedding Adventure

virginia mountain weddingIt's been a CRAZY week. I know I said that like a week ago, and probably the week before that. But really, it has.

Last Thursday, the whole Heidenthal crew planned to travel down to Blacksburg for Chris and Kat's wedding. Erik and I had this plan as well, but Erik had a soccer game Thursday night and I think since he is the keeper he doesn't feel like he can be easily replaced. Plus, we had been gone the week before at the beach, so we went to the soccer game. It was about 45 minutes away from our house and when we arrived and the referee asked for the players' IDs we realized Erik had forgotten his wallet. Luckily the ref allowed Erik to use my health insurance card which had his name on it, but it meant I had to go home during the game to retrieve Erik's wallet.

So two hours of driving later, the game was over (they lost :( ), the wallet had been retrieved, Β and Erik and I officially started our journey to Blacksburg. We arrived at about 1:30am and happily hit the bed!

The next morning we woke up and headed over to Chris and Kat's house to help with last minute wedding prep. There was a lot to do, but we had an army of people and got a lot done quickly! Since the groom's family is typically in charge of the rehearsal dinner, we also had to run over and set that up when we were done with wedding prep. My in-laws seriously did an awesome job with it and the food was YUM.

Then the boys spent the night hanging out doing whatever boys do before a wedding and I went back to the hotel with my sisters-in-law and we watched the premiere of Girl Meets World! Time very well spent.

All this to say that by the time wedding arrived, we were READY for it.

It was a lovely, beautiful wedding surrounded by mountains. Mountains make me miss JMU and college life and that feeling of freedom, "I can go anywhere, do anything" that one always feels at that time. And it was sweet to watch Chris and Kat turn that unpredictable time into something permanent. They're going to make a perfect husband and wife.

There will be more from the wedding soon (of course!) and I apologize in advance for my obsession with it. What with the mountains, the perfect light, and the fact that it's the wedding of two of my favorite people, I'm a little in love with the pictures. I mean, LOOK AT THIS PREVIEW. It's one of my favorites and I probably should have saved it for later, but I can't help it. I'm excited. Balancing photographer and family member was a little strange at times, but with the help of my AMAZING second shooter, Marek, we pulled it off and I even got to relax and hang out some too! Β Stay tuned for more photos and details on the wedding day!