Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was pretty crazy for me! Erik and I are used to quiet weekends, lounging around the house, playing video games, watching Breaking Bad. Just being grown up children together. It's great. And then sometimes (you know, when there's a wedding to shoot) it's the complete opposite of that... non-stop go. For me, it started on Friday. I had the pleasure of meeting (most of) the staff from Kim Moody DesignΒ to shoot some updated headshots for their website. The day before, I had checked the weather forecast and it was not appealing to say the least! I love snow. I love sunshine. But wintry mix/freezing rain? That's probably the worst possible situation. So I emailed to see if Kim and her crew wanted to reschedule. They said it had taken a miracle to get everyone available on this day and they wouldn't be able to reschedule. When I arrived and saw how many people there were, I completely understood! Kim has a SERIOUS operation going on. I'm going to write another blog post just about the company and their unique services, but I'll just say that I was impressed with everything they do!

So Friday came and it was raining here in Richmond, so I wasn't too worried as I began the drive out to Blackstone. However, the closer I got, the icier the world became! Eventually the trees were all coated in ice. It was surreal because Blackstone really isn't THAT far, but it felt completely different. We were lucky because we had a great alternative location to the outdoor portraits we were planning to do. A local restaurant, just a block away, had some space for us to set up and shoot against some exposed brick. And hey, we gave the lunch customers a little show in the process :)

Here's a sneak peek of one of my favorites. These are all the wedding planners! Aren't they so pretty?

2014-03-10_0001After some shooting and chatting and shopping in their lovely store :), I headed home and what was on my front porch!? But Erik's new mega computer. Well most of it anyway.

2014-03-10_0002To say Erik was excited would be the understatement of the century. I basically did not see him at all Friday night as he was a little preoccupied with his tinkering. And he was very offended that I would try to take pictures of him in such a gleeful state. So, sorry you don't get to see that.

2014-03-10_0003Zeke was not allowed into the construction zone, so he had to play with me instead. Bummer for him.

Saturday morning I woke up far earlier than I'm used to these days, so that I could drive to Virginia Beach to shoot my first wedding of the year! I was second shooting with Chris Fessler Photography, so sadly I don't have any photos to share from this day as I gave them all to Chris. I'll post a couple pictures as soon as he returns my memory card :) It was a gorgeous day and definitely needs to be shared. I kept thinking how amazing it was that on Friday I was running around through an icy mess and then Saturday was shooting a beautiful bridal party on the beach. The weather was just warm enough to be comfortable and the sun was shining.

It was a long, but exciting day. I got home a little after 10pm, which isn't too bad at all. But oi! My body was not prepared for ten hours of shooting. Two days later, my feet and calves and shoulders are still aching! It's a little sad. But carrying that 70-200 lens is a work out in itself. And my fancy Dr. Scholl's flats I got just for weddings didn't feel any different than regular flats. That was unfortunate. At least I got to walk around on the sand for a little while though :)

I spend Sunday recovering, being lazy, and hanging out with Erik. What can I say? I know what I like!

If anyone has any comfy shoe recommendations, I definitely need them! The wedding DJ told me to buy some crocs but um... yeah... I need some other suggestions.