Weekend Wrap Up


It's been a long time since Erik and I have had a free weekend. I haven't had nearly as many weddings to shoot as I did last year, but something about adding a baby into your life makes it seem just as crazy. Weddings galore and add in a beach trip and it's been pretty busy! So we were thrilled to get a weekend when nothing was on our calendar.

If you have never noticed before, Erik and I are definitely homebodies. We love our house and we love a day when we get to hang out in PJs as long as possible and just do everything slowly. I have certain meals I make on these days that require minimal effort... either pancakes or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Quick comfort food at its finest!

This weekend was just like that, only we had a lot of visitors, so we did actually put on real clothes. We even took Willow out to dinner at our new favorite restaurant, the Bluefish Grill. There is just nothing better than sushi and hot ramen when it starts getting cold outside! We're a little obsessed. In fact, when we were there Saturday night I told Erik this is probably the place other than our house that Willow has visited the most! Haha! How ridiculous! We started going to this little restaurant right before Willow was born and then when she was a newborn and prone to unpredictable meltdowns, we (I) were scared to take her to restaurants where she'd scream and upset people and make eating difficult for everyone. But the owners of Bluefish were so nice to us, always coming over to see how big Willow was, and there were usually only a few other customers in the place... so it became our safe space when we just couldn't cook at home that day. 

We got to see Erik's siblings, who also happen to be some of our best friends. We played Mario Maker with them. And by that I mean Erik forced his brother to play Mario Maker and we all backseat Mario-ed while he valiantly attempted to beat Erik's ridiculously difficult levels. 

I got to re-watch some Outlander with a friend and some guacamole! Yums and funs.

We got to test out the real heating capabilities of our gas fireplace since our downstairs heater went kaput. You like that positive spin? ;) Turns out the fireplace works very well!

I did manage to hurt my back this weekend, as I am prone to do. I was attempting to gently lower a sleeping Willow down into her crib when something happened in my lower back and it's been a mess ever since. I visited the chiropractor this morning and he helped me out, but that was a little bit of a bummer.

And this is what a homebody I am... when you ask me what my favorite part of the weekend was, it was cuddling up with Erik in bed and watching our new favorite show, American Horror Story haha. We watched one season last October and thought "that was cool, we should save this show and watch one season every October," but this year we weren't patient enough and blew through season 2, thus we were forced to begin the next season since October isn't over! The scary must commence! 

I just wanted to share a less exciting weekend, because this is normal and in internet land, it's easy to get caught up in the highlights of life. But the normal, mundane is important, too. In fact, I cherish it the most. 

And to leave you feeling extra good, here's a video of a laughing Willow. If you ask me, there's nothing greater in the world.