Why Do People Hate on Female Characters?

female characters on tvWell, I had this recipe post all planned out for today. And as typically happens when I plan a post in advance, I wind up not doing it come the day of. I'll probably share it next week, but only after I fine tune the recipe because honestly it turned out kind of gross and I think I skipped a very crucial step along the way. I'd hate to post a recipe on here that winds up with everyone being disappointed like I was. So this morning I was enjoying my morning routine of drinking coffee and eating my organic oatmeal with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and cinnamon... mmm... watching an episode of Lost because I decided I wanted to rewatch the whole series in all its glory. I tried to get my little brother to watch it with me since he's never watched Lost (it's a travesty, I know) but I think he's too busy having a life or something because we got about three episodes in and we never talked about it again.

I was thinking about how often when I mention Lost to people they say "ugh Kate annoyed me so much." Kate seems to be the go-to annoying Lost character. And she's a pretty important character, definitely the main female character if anyone was. For the last few weeks, I've been watching, trying to notice what it was that people disliked about her so much. I really haven't seen anything. I mean, other characters on the show have literally killed, betrayed, and tortured people, but not Kate. The only bad thing she really does is burn down the house to kill her mom's abusive husband, which was arguably done for the right reasons. People do SERIOUSLY bad, no doubt about it WRONG things on this show and do not incur the wrath that fans have for Kate.

But those people doing bad things are guys. And Kate's a girl. And people just seem to enjoy hating on female characters.

images Think about Shannon. She's intentionally written to be an annoying, spoiled brat. She tans on the beach while other people (like Kate) are trying to help and get them off the island. But nobody ever says "I watched Lost and that Shannon drove me crazy." No, it's Kate. The one romping around in the jungle with all the boys.

I don't mean to be a preachy feminist (though it annoys me that a disclaimer feels necessary?), but I notice it in TV and movies all the time. In books, too, but less so, probably just because I have a plethora of books to choose from.

And this is not a guy thing. Guys AND girls rant about female characters. Maybe it's for different reasons, but I hear both genders do it.

So where does this come from? Are girls just annoyed/jealous that Kate is the center of the island's main romantic triangle situation? I would hope we're not that petty as a whole. Do guys just hate the one girl being "one of the guys" out in the jungle on adventures? Seems unlikely since in real life, that seems to be a mandatory trait of the "ideal girl" so many guys describe. Did the writers just do a crappy job with Kate? Mmm, I guess you could argue that but I don't think so. She has just as complicated a past and motives as anyone else on the island.

Really, I don't understand where it comes from. And I'm not the only person to notice this. I Googled it :) (as you should do with all deep questions)

I read this guy's blog post on the topic and he brought up another character that I've always wondered why people hate so much. Skyler White.

2014-06-06_0002Guys, this is seriously the results page for a simple "Skyler White" image search... I had to scroll through all the hate memes to find a picture without a hateful caption! That's nutso!

Now, the actress for Skyler has brushed off the Skyler hate, saying that she thought people had to hate her a little if they were going to support Walt. And that might be a little true. But hating a wife who wants to protect her children from her psycho husband who has decided to create his own meth-making operation seems pretty ridiculous to me. The only "nagging" she seemed to do was the "hey stop lying to me" kind of nagging, when Walt WAS lying about REALLY big things. I mean. Come on. Erik asked me many times during the show if I would have reacted the same way as Skyler. And I often said YES because she was dealing with some pretty insane stuff! And even in season 1 when she didn't realize she was dealing with such crazy stuff, she was going through the stress of her husband, whom she obviously loved, DYING. Give the woman a frekin break.

2014-06-06_0003That previous blog post also mentioned Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. I didn't realize people were hating on her. Nobody's ever mentioned that to me before. Erik and I always comment on how nobody in the kingdom has gone through more hell than Sansa, so that's just a dang shame that people still don't empathize with her. I guess there are too many other females on the show who are busy kicking ass for people to care at all about Sansa, who is probably a much more realistic portrayal of a woman's life in a male-dominated society. I've always been the weirdo who likes Cersei. I don't think she's a good person, and it might be in part due to the excellent acting, but it seems pretty obvious to me that Cersei turned into this hateful person because she has been so abused and manipulated and pawned off all of HER life. She used to BE Sansa and there are moments where you can see her pain and frustration and I feel for her then. Then she goes and does something awful to Tyrion and I just want to kick her in the face. BUT SHE'S MEAN AND DESERVES IT SOMETIMES.

I have no groundbreaking conclusions on this epidemic. I just think it's a shame. This website has a list of reasons people hate female characters. They are sadly true reasons! And there are a million examples of this. I just thought it was an interesting topic. Someone should write their thesis on it, if it hasn't already been done. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!