Willow is Eight Months Old!

Time for your monthly barrage of Willow. For her eight month baby pictures, I wanted to try something a little different. I'm running out of favorite locations in our house, and it's too cold to plop baby in the grass outside. So I did something I haven't done EVER. I plopped out a roll of backdrop paper and decided to take some photos "studio style." 

You'd laugh hysterically if you saw this set up in my living room (this is the best picture I have of it, haha that baby face...). I literally just unrolled a giant roll of white paper and let it hang over the back of the sofa and sat Willow down right in the center. Luckily we even had pretty window light coming in, so I didn't use any artificial light at all here. Crazy. And I wound up liking the results a lot more than I expected to!

As for eight months and milestones, I wouldn't say anything is drastically different from seven months. She's still army crawling, though she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. She will plank on her hands and tippy toes with her booty way up in the air like a little yoga pro, but never takes it further and actually crawls. She's taking her sweet time. Now that she's perfected the army scoot, I don't know if she'll ever crawl crawl haha.

It seems like she really REALLY wants to talk. She loves to babble and mimic us. She will "da da da da" but we aren't counting it as a first word until there's some intention behind that da da! 

A favorite activity lately has been taking walks around the neighborhood. I converted her stroller so she's not in her car seat anymore (which used to plop into the top of the stroller) and faces forward and I think she is enjoying the new view. We have a little playground in our neighborhood just one street away, so we've been walking to that and letting Willow swing on the swing set. She is completely delighted by the swing and Lily is happy to indulge any outdoor activity we do.

Willow has been loving all the new foods we're giving her. She's become more proficient at chewing/gumming her food and taking manageable bites, so we've been able to give her even more things. She's also really good at picking up small objects with her little pincer grip. All that light switch flicking has paid off!

Baby led weaning is officially a hit and some foods Willow has enjoyed recently are: strawberries, avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes with cinnamon, oatmeal with blueberries, plant based mac and cheese, spaghetti with sauce, ramen noodles, ginger slices and pickled ginger (can you believe it? haha), ham, french toast, raspberries, rice, cucumbers, black beans, enchilada bites, pizza without the cheese, cheerios... I could go on. Basically anything I eat she gets bites from it and she loves it. At restaurants, the people sitting around us get a kick out of her hungry enthusiasm.

Sleep has been pretty good. Still goes down around 6:30/7pm and wakes up around 8am. Sometimes she only wakes up once for feeding (around 11/12), but usually it's twice, and on rough nights like last night, three times. I think she was mad we didn't let her stay up and watch the super bowl. It's a rough life when you're a baby. Naps are usually two 90-120 minute naps with a possible evening nap around 5 that can be as short as 20-30 minutes. It's the perfect timing for dinner prep, but I think she'll ditch that nap more regularly soon.

And that's about it! Erik and I are completely enamored with this little girl. It's cliche for a reason, but she's indescribably wonderful and most definitely the best thing we've ever done. Had a hard day? Not anymore after that sweet smile. Life is pretty damn good.