Willow is Five Months Old!

This post is a little late, but there have been so many things to blog about lately! I'm looking back at my posts for the past month and every other post has had a baby face in it. This is me not apologizing and instead saying YOU'RE WELCOME. This blog has been needing some extra cuteness and Lily was tired of carrying the load herself for so long! 

So what's new at five months?

Well, baby is very close to sitting, but not quite there yet. 

She's enjoyed her first sips of water from a cup, which she spills most of all over her. It's part of the fun.

She's been rolling over for months now, but she's a total pro these days and uses her rolling abilities to consecutively roll and travel around the room as much as possible. Plus side, she can reach more toys this way! Yay! Down side, this doesn't work so well in her crib and she winds up smooshed against her crib walls more often than not! Bummer dude.

Sleep is a wild and crazy ride. Some days Willow naps for 45 minutes 3 or 4 times throughout the day. Some days she takes a little cat nap and then one ginormous three hour nap (awesome, rare days haha). She's starting to consistently have at least one nap that's at least an hour long, usually about an hour and a half. If we could take two 90 minute naps a day, mommy would be very happy!

Don't even get us started on nighttime. When Willow turned four months old, everyone warned me about the "four month sleep regression!" Ohhhh noooo!!! But everything was fine and normal. Now at five months, she's waking much more often at night and screams hysterically until I nurse her. It's terrible and we're working on it, but it's a lot of shooting in the dark. The good thing is she consistently goes to bed by 7, sometimes even earlier if she's really fussy, and sleeps for about three hours. It gives me a break in the evening and time to actually just be with Erik.

We still try to take a walk through the neighborhood every day, but it honestly depends on the nap schedule! It's becoming easier though now that it's getting dark so early. If we go in the middle of the day when it would be convenient, the sun is so bright, Willow hates it and has to be covered up the whole time which sort of defeats the point. Though Lily is just as happy of course.

This week, I'm working on client wedding albums (yay!) and giving myself some grace on Willow's sleeping habits. I obsess over her sleep because I see how happy she is when she's well rested (proof is in the pictures!) and hate seeing her squinch (not a word, but SOUNDS right!) her little fists up and rub her eyes because she's so exhausted. And well, obviously I'm not a super fan of waking up every 2-3 hours at night to go feed her back to sleep. That is not a way to live, y'all! But we're just going to recharge this week and I'm going to try to go with the flow a little more and see how baby does!