Willow is Four Months Old

Ah, baby...

This post is just an excuse to share some more sweet pictures of baby Willow. We do a monthly photo shoot. It has the purpose of making me take tons of pretty pictures of her, but also in keeping me from spending every day of my life taking tons of pretty pictures of her. Once a month photo shoots with lots of Instagrams in between seems like a reasonable, only slightly obsessive thing to me!

Let's see, what are the new developments at four months old?

Well, Willow's been rolling over for a few weeks now, though almost always when she's playing, not in the crib. She's only done that a couple times.

She's laughing adorably when I sing silly songs for her.

She's sticking her tongue out in the most mocking manner.

Her favorite activity is blowing raspberries and kicking her limbs around wildly, an old stand by she's loved since her fetus days.

She loves tummy time, but gets pretty angry at her inability to crawl.

She loves Lily, who is the softest, most entertaining thing. She actually grabbed Lily's fur by her face one day and slammed poor puppy to the ground. Lily lay on her side being submissive while Willow disciplined her. It was adorable, puppy was fine, and got lots of cuddles after I rescued her.

Willow likes to grab everything and put it in her mouth. I feel a little tooth coming in, but that seems way too early. 

She's not on a sleep schedule yet, but I think we're making progress there. For the past two days she's gone to bed between 7 and 7:30 and woken up in the morning between 7 and 7:30, with a few night feedings thrown in there. Let's pray she keeps that up and maybe starts taking some naps longer than 40 minutes!

Overall, Willow is pretty happy. She doesn't cry or have nearly as many meltdowns as she used to. We can go an entire day without crying as long as I pay attention to the fusses when she's sleepy or hungry. Days are just full of playing, nursing, and napping!

That's all for now. Don't forget to enter my free portrait session giveaway... you can enter every day if you just keep checking back in!