Willow is Seven Months Old!

Time is flying amirite?

I think the holidays seem to crank up time. It seems like it was just October and here we are in the thick of winter. The ground is covered in a thick layer of snow as I write this and I love it. I love looking out my window to see something white and different. 

You know who else is enjoying the snow? A little Willow.

There have been many adorable snow postings on Instagram lately. Here are a few.

❄💙❄💙❄ #willowgrowsup

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"She loves the snow, she'll think it's so fun to touch it!" 😂😂😂 #willowgrowsup

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Cozy snow baby with her daddy 💙❄☃ #willowgrowsup

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Ah, my heart can barely handle this love-splosion.

Seven months has been EPIC, y'all. Willow has been biding her time on a lot of skills and basically unloaded all sorts of new tricks on us in a week.

It's actually kind of funny how much has changed just since I took her seven month pictures for this post. Since these photos, she's started army crawling, sitting up by herself, and eating solid food!

We're still experimenting with food. Willow's not really sure how she feels about it yet, but it's definitely fun to squish around in her hands. All she has tried so far is avocado. We'll try something new soon! We're following the baby led weaning method for now. I like the idea of her learning to chew before learning to swallow, feeding herself, and eating whatever we're eating for dinner. It seems a lot healthier to get her into healthy whole foods versus sugary mush. And saves the step of making healthier baby food. Plus, it's pretty fun to watch her take a chunk out of her avocado sticks haha.

I also think we may finally be teething. I swear since month 2 people never fail to tell me that Willow is probably teething because she likes to chew on toys and occasionally her hand (this is a pretty common baby habit, no?). But it's been different lately and she's had a harder time with sleep recently, so I think her teeth are definitely bugging her. Poor babester.

Aside from the teething disturbances, sleep has been good. Willow still tends to take three naps a day. Two long 90-120 minute ones and one quick 30-45 minute one before dinner. I'm going to miss when she drops that one because it makes dinner preparation a lot easier! There were a few nights in a row before the teething began that Willow only woke up once all night and still slept her normal 12-13 hours. She's just a sleeping machine now. I think she's always needed a lot of sleep and since she couldn't figure out how to fall asleep (or stay asleep) on her own, but wanted to sleep as often as every 45 minutes, she was chronically tired and frustrated. And so was I! Hallelujah for sorting all THAT out. 

Willow and I took a bath together the other day and she had so much fun with the water up higher than normal, kicking and splashing around. She got to play with bath toys for the first time and it was tons of fun :)

The army crawling is great to witness because Willow is REALLY good at it. She can scoot around anywhere she want to go very quickly! She's enjoying exploring all the rooms of the house with her newfound ability, and finding all the tiniest things on the floor that Lily has never presented to us in the past.

Toys she is enjoying at seven months: Her door jumper, her walker, and any object of interest around the house that isn't a toy haha. Especially light switches, those are super fun to turn on and off!

All in all, things are going very well. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter girl. If Willow thinks that Erik or I is crying, because maybe we made a funny noise or our face squishes up, she starts crying immediately. Her empathy is just off the charts, it is so sweet. I'm loving how her personality is growing even stronger every day. Her little laughs and ways of communicating are the absolute greatest.