Willow is Ten Months Old!

As I feel the one year birthday creeping toward us, I get completely swept up in nostalgia and also excitement. I love every second of Willow (now that she's BORN haha) more than I ever thought I was capable of. I knew I'd love being a mom. I knew I wanted a family. I knew this would always be my top priority in life. But I didn't know how much fun it would truly be. Every time I scroll back through my #willowgrowsup pictures on Instagram I marvel in how quickly she's grown and changed, but also how ‘Willow’ she was right from the start. I think of pregnancy, the absolute non-stop rolling and kicking and dance parties, and think… yup that's our Willow. Baby can't stop, won't stop.

So here we are at ten months. She has definitely entered a new phase of changes lately. For one thing, as of a few days ago, we finally have a visible tooth! It’s just peeking through the gum, but it is real. I am not imagining it this time. Mark ten months as the time when Willow officially got her first tooth. Proof that we just take our sweet time with such things.

Willow has been pulling up a lot. She does a lot of pulling up and kneeling, but sometimes pulls all the way to standing. The first time I caught her going all the way to standing, she was using the rocking stool that goes with the glider in her room. Extra credit for an advanced pull up location, baby.

She is consistently saying “dada” and “mama” now. She’s been rocking dada for a while, but mama is a new favorite. It tends to come out in her most anguished of moments. I’m hungry, “MAMAAA.” The wrong person is holding me “MAMAAA.” Such is life. Words I can tell she’s working on at the moment, but doesn’t quite have down are “doggy,” “hi,” and “baby.”

She continues to eat absolutely everything, passionately. New foods this month were lemons (yeah, I thought she’d hate them too!), edamame, spicy ramen, ricotta stuffed shells, French fries, stir fry, beef stew with carrots and potatoes. As usual she continues to enjoy her breakfast of strawberries, blueberries, and cheerios… and good old standbys: sweet potatoes, peaches, black beans, and all the Chipotle Sundays. She gets very angry if she notices something on your plate that she is not eating. That is JUST NOT FAIR.

Willow is starting to wave at people and she knows exactly what I’m asking when I tell her to drop her pacifier and delights in doing it for me. She’s also suddenly very interested in books, which makes my heart happy. I’ve always kept a stack of short books on the nightstand beside the rocking chair I feed her in. I had visions of bedtime stories like I’m sure most parents do. But it’s after nursing sessions that Willow sees her books and reaches out for them, wanting me to read one. She helps me turn the pages and feels everything the whole way through. It’s pretty adorable.

Still waking up for at least one feeding per night, sometimes two. I’ve been attempting some soothing without nursing and let me tell you how you can piss off a Willow… But really, I don’t hate our current situation so I’m letting her take her time before I start forcing anything.

We also transitioned Willow to her convertible car seat the other day. Another bittersweet oh my god this is happening really fast moment! I see her big car seat and imagine how throughout the next years of her life she’ll be using this. It’s just crazy.

And that’s ten months! We’ve hit double digits and soon we’ll tell people our baby’s age in years. I’m not even going to think about that now. Okay, maybe I am… I mean there are a lot of one year old birthday ideas on Pinterest… ;)