Willow's First Snow Day


Technically, not really. She experienced the snow last year, but she was too little to enjoy it. This time around was so much more fun. Willow has become quite the little talker lately, so she actually stepped out into the snow saying "wow" "whoa" "wow." In other words, she was suitably impressed. A+ mother nature.

We never get snow in Richmond before Christmas. This was absolutely crazy. And the snow was last Friday and there are still patches on our grass! We've been playing in it every day no matter how cold. Other than just running around in awe and wonder, I think Willow's favorite snow activity is when I make a snowball for her and she throws it on the sidewalk and then stomps anything that survived the throw. Ah, the little joys!

Our snow came at the absolute perfect time, too. Erik was supposed to go into work late that day and stay and do a product launch into the wee hours of the morning. But magically, as he was opening the garage door to leave at around 3pm, he got a call that he could work from home. Hallelujah!

Of course the snow has put me in the most festive mood ever. I drank hot cocoa, I baked cookies with my sister-in-law, I wrapped most of our Christmas gifts, I watched Christmas movies. Willow and I have even been doing some Christmas CRAFTS. And if you know me, you know crafts are not my forte... but so far, they're turning out pretty cute! Basically, I can get on board with anything if it is Christmas related.

And naturally, I had the overwhelming urge to take Willow to see Santa. I kind of knew she'd hate it this year, but we had to try. We went to The Boathouse as Sunday Park for their Santa dinner and it was nice. Santa greeted all the tables individually (though we shooed him away from ours because Willow was hungry and cranky and FREAKED OUT). We enjoyed a nice meal and kids just kind of went up to Santa's chair when they felt like it. I definitely preferred the atmosphere to the craziness of a mall. And I think some people may be put off by having to take their own picture of their kid with Santa, but I of course was psyched about that. But, I forgot that when Willow is feeling scared, she wants me, not Erik. So, poor Erik had to take our photo. Luckily, I've trained him well and we were in focus! Yay! 

Hopefully next year our Santa visit is a little more fun. I think little chatterbox will have things to say and that may change everything. We'll see! This was definitely the year of "NO" as far as Santa was concerned. My plan to read The Night Before Christmas every night to warm her up to the idea failed completely haha. Oh well, at least he had cookies!