Wine Tasting Weekend

2014-04-07_0015It's a rainy, Monday morning and I have the window open because it's actually really peaceful when the construction crews down the street can't work and all I hear are birds chirping and raindrops splashing. Something about "yucky" days is very calming to me. I think it feels more okay to be in your own head when everything else is quiet and still and not so bright. It also makes laying in bed all day feel like the right thing to do, but I am proud of myself for getting up on time this morning. Especially because rain makes for the perfect blogging weather. This past weekend, our unabashedly favorite people came to town to spend the weekend with us. Erik's brother, Chris, and his fiancee Kat, who you might recognize from previous "yay weekend" posts. Friday was nice because Erik and Chris disappeared for a few hours to do fun things of their own while Kat and I made peach pie and watched endless hours of Friday bride day(!) on TLC. That's kind of a requirement when you're wedding planning right? Their wedding is in June and I'll be photographing it, so it's fun to talk about the pictures we want to get and all the different things we've seen on blogs we're following. I'm glad we have a lot of common interests and that WHEN they move to Richmond, I'll have someone to help me make important life decisions like which curtains I should buy.

Saturday, all four of us hung out, played games, ate donuts, and went to River City Diner, yay. There did come a point when Kat and I could sense Erik and Chris' deep desire to talk nerdy to each other ;) and we decided to vanish for a few hours, naturally ending up at Home Goods.

But Sunday! Sunday is the best day because it's the day I took pictures of our day :) We went to the James River Cellars Winery for a wine festival. I think there were six? wineries there and unlimited sampling. It was Erik's first wine tasting, and me and Chris' first wine festival, and uh Kat really likes wine, so we were all pretty excited!

wine festivalErik, wondering what he's doing at a wine festival.

2014-04-07_0002 2014-04-07_0003Do any of my fellow Dukes know about this JMU wine!? It must exist. All the other paintings were of real wines!

2014-04-07_0004Second try much better.

2014-04-07_0005 2014-04-07_0006Mmm... sangria.

2014-04-07_0007Chris and Kat's faces. That is all.

2014-04-07_0008 2014-04-07_0009I think this is when Erik started saying everything Chris was saying, but adding a pretentious accent.

2014-04-07_0010 2014-04-07_00112014-04-07_0017wine tastingKat, loving her wine, obviously.

2014-04-07_00132014-04-07_0014I make strange faces when Erik takes pictures.

2014-04-07_0015 2014-04-07_00162014-04-07_0018Crepes!

2014-04-07_0019 2014-04-07_0020Chris got so excited about his crepe that he accidentally ate the fork. True story.

I don't know why I never took a cute picture of Chris and Kat but it's okay because next month we're doing ENGAGEMENT pictures, so YAY :) Have a great rainy Monday everyone!